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EA FC 24 early access has come to an end and we now have the official release of the game out in stores! EA has moved on from the FIFA name and is ushering in a new era of football gaming with EA Sports FC 24. We have loads of information regarding your favourite game modes, such as Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Clubs.

The famed football gaming developer giant promised: "over 19k licensed players, 700 teams, and 30 leagues play in EA Sports FC" and we are covering every inch of the new game, giving you all the information you need for EA FC 24., including the best attacking formation, and best Evolutions players to use.

With that in mind, check below for everything you need to know about this brand-new game.

EA FC 24 is out now

The seven days of early access through the pre-order package and EA Early access is now over and the full game is now accessible to everyone that has purchased the game!

The countdown to the full release is on is over as the standard edition of the game is now out! Millions of players are now on the game wondering if EA Sports will have all the new features and improvements that they promised over the summer!

EA Sports FC logo
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NEW GAME SAME TIME - EA Sports FC is expected to release in September

EA FC 24 price

How much does EA FC 24 cost? Well, the Standard Edition comes in at £59.99 on PC and £69.99 on console, while the Ultimate Edition is £89.99 on PC and £99.99 on console.


EA revealed the full player ratings database ahead of the new game, and fans are deeply invested in the Top 100 players, the best wonderkids, and the most OP players for your starter squads in Ultimate Team.

As well as budget beasts, Glow Up Evolution players and the best ST Evolutions players, we have you covered with all things EA FC 24.

Ligue 1 player ratings EA FC 24
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Ligue 1 player ratings EA FC 24


EA FC 24 is the most dynamic and authentic football gaming experience yet, with HyperMotion V, Opta, and Frostbite all contributing to the finest details in the game.

EA uses 'Sapien' to make character models feel more realistic than ever. Matt Prior, the EA FC Senior Game Design Director, touched on the subject:

"Sapien brings unprecedented scientific detail and anatomical precision to the player's skeleton".

This is done by creating a new player skeleton based on the data recovered about the player's movements.

HyperMotion also studied 180 top-tier competitive matches from competitions such as the Champions League and Premier League, meaning animations you can watch in person by the biggest teams in the world, such as Real Madrid, are all in EA FC 24.

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With new gameplay features added to FC 24, each match feels more unique. A major talking point by EA on the FC 24 gameplay is how there is now a more dynamic approach depending on a team's tactics and playstyles.

Although there are many new changes made to gameplay in FC 24, here are the main newly added gameplay features listed below:

  • New precision passing (incl. swerve precision pass and lob precision passing)
  • Controlled sprint dribble
  • Effort Dribble Touch
  • Possession Tackle

AI in EA FC 24

The AI is also improved through HyperMotion, allowing the AI to adapt playstyles and tactics used during the game, producing a more authentic football experience.

This is brought together by FC 24 AI Mimic, which takes footballers' real-life volumetric data and uses advanced artificial intelligence to recreate unique body movements. This process has seen over 1,200 movements added to the game, making their movement a lot more realistic and competitive.

PlayStyles and PlayStyles+

EA Sports FC 24 introduces the PlayStyles feature, which centres around each player's individual style and performance. This addition aims to dynamically alter players' movement mechanics while incorporating their distinct styles and movements exhibited on the real-life football pitch.

PlayStyles act as a significant update to the Traits System in FIFA 23. Madden players will recognize similarities to the X-Factors feature in that game. In FC 24, PlayStyles aims to offer a more polished and enhanced iteration of the X-Factors concept.

We have great articles about individual PlayStyles such as the Finesse Shot, Acrobatic, and Quick Step PlayStyles, covering each and every player with the attributes in EA FC 24.

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team was the most popular mode on FIFA, and EA FC 24 is no different. With EA making loads of improvements to the game mode with new promos and additions, early access members are already getting started!

Web App

The EA FC 24 Web App was released on 20 September, two days before early access.

This gave players an opportunity to begin trading early on, as well as completing SBCs in order to gain an advantage before early access came out. However, you will not be able to play any matches on the Web App.

EA FC 24's Web App is the perfect way to get started on Ultimate Team and give yourself the best chance of having a good squad before playing any games.

Team of the Week

Like in many FIFA games before, EA is releasing the TOTW, every Wednesday, which features the best-performing players from the world of football that week.

These players receive inform cards, which are upgraded by several OVRs compared to their regular card stats. We covered TOTW 1 during early access, and TOTW 2 will feature Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son!

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Road to the Knockouts

Road to the Knockouts is joining EA FC 24 Ultimate Team with LOADS of amazing new cards! With Guimaraes and Reyna joining as an SBC and Objective, there will be added hype over the Champions League now we know which players to keep an eye on!

RTTK FC 24 Ultimate Team
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RTTK FC 24 Ultimate Team

Mad Ready Promo

EA Sports released their first promo of EA FC 24 will be their collaboration with Nike, which started on 22 September, the same day as the early access launch.

This promo gave players the opportunity to earn XP by playing with Mad Ready players to get themselves rewards. This promo ends on 29 September, and is going to be replaced by the Road to the Knockouts promo.

Nike EA FC Partnership
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Nike EA FC Partnership

Hero cards

Confirmed to be arriving as pre-order bonuses, EA has revealed a host of new FC 24 Ultimate Team Heroes that are coming to the game. These exciting cards are brand-new for this year's game, with Alex Scott the very first female Hero to ever feature in Ultimate Team.

NEW STARS - All Heroes have arrived to EA FC 24
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NEW STARS - All Heroes have arrived to EA FC 24

Fans who purchased the game before 22 August 2023 will receive the EA FC 24 pre-order bonus, which includes a free UEFA Champions League Hero card item. You will receive this card in-game on 27 November 2023 if you pre-ordered before the date above.


EA FC 24 Evolutions is a new feature introduced in Ultimate Team that allows players to enhance and improve the performance of their club members. This feature enables gamers to select specific players who meet the Evolutions objectives to upgrade their individual skills, PlayStyles, and overall ratings.

Golden Glow Up Evolutions
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Golden Glow Up Evolutions

By successfully completing these objectives, players can keep their evolved squad members competitive throughout the year.

Additionally, EA FC Evolutions offers the opportunity to customise the appearance of card items. Players can level up the visual design of their evolved cards, including new designs and animated backgrounds.

We have chosen the best ST Evolutions, as well as the best LB options too, for you to feast your eyes on if you're struggling to pick a player for Evolutions. We also have a guide on the Relentless Winger Evolutions, and the Golden Glow Up, so be sure to check those out.

There are two ways to upgrade your player through Evolutions. EA has given the option of free Evolutions and also paid Evolutions, which cost players 50k coins, or 1000 FC points.

Women’s Football in Ultimate Team

50% of world football has now been added to Ultimate Team; with EA FC 24 women's football players now joining UT you can build squads with both men and women players in the same team!

This unlocks a new world of squad-building potential and connects to campaigns throughout the season that relate to real-world performances across women’s football.

We have the new WSL player ratings released by EA in its own article, featuring Sam Kerr, the highest-rated player in England's top division.

As well as loads of other articles featuring the shortest women's players and some crazy 5-star skills players.

Sam Kerr
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Career Mode

EA FC 24 Career Mode has seen some huge additions to the game within Player Career Mode and Manager Career Mode. EA has taken a deep dive into career mode, revealing plenty of new features for the managerial career.

Dynamic moments

The Cinematics team at EA SPORTS has been hard at work, and they have an exciting goal in mind: to celebrate success like never before! With this in mind, they have introduced EA FC 24 Dynamic Moments cutscenes in Manager and Player Career modes in EA FC 24. Introducing the Ballon d'Or and many other cutscenes into the game!

Ballon D'or
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The new Career Mode coach system is designed to enhance your team's tactical prowess and boost player attributes. Each coach possesses Tactical Knowledge, with three levels - Novice, Accomplished, and Expert - in seven distinct Tactical Visions.

Career Mode coaches
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Player agents

That is right! You can now have your own agent in Player Career Mode, assisting you throughout your career on signing new contracts and moving clubs.

Career mode player agents
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EA FC 24 Clubs has had a huge revamp this year!

New features have been added that make for quicker matchmaking, bigger and better clubs, and more FC 24 player customisation options than ever before.

Players have a wide range of PlayStyles to experiment with and create the perfect Clubs character.

Fans and reputation

You can now track your history and progress within building a fanbase and your overall FC 24 Clubs reputation, allowing many new features to be unlocked within player and club customisation and AI.

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Clubs League

This is where things change from what has come before.

This year, EA FC 24 has introduced seasons instead of the old promotion/relegation system. Each Clubs League season lasts around six weeks and has a league phase and then a playoff phase!

clubs league
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EA Sports has brought in as many licenses for FC 24 as possible now that they are moving from the FIFA franchise to EA FC. This has been emphasised throughout EA's announcements as they look to create new partnerships for new content to players.

Is EA making its first strides into the football streaming service arena? EA has already announced a ground-breaking multi-year partnership with Spain's La Liga, which includes naming rights, in-game integrations, and broadcasting highlights!

ea sports fc la liga
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COMING SOON - LaLiga highlights will be available in EA Sports FC

EA already has strong affiliations with the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and Serie A, so broadcasting deals with these leagues look on the cards.

According to EA's latest announcement, the new game will be:

"Built on a foundation of inclusivity and innovation, fans will experience unrivaled authenticity with access to more than 19,000 fully licensed players, 700 teams, and 30 leagues, with the support of over 300 global football partners that will allow further expansion into areas including both women’s and grassroots football."

ea fc
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Other partners include the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, WSL, NWSL, and CONMEBOL. With such a vast portfolio of licenses at its disposal, EA holds the upper hand over its rivals.

Face scans

Partnerships, of course, lead to benefits on the pitch, such as face scans, and EA FC 24 stadium scans.

Face scans are a crucial part of EA FC, as a player with a scanned face makes the overall gaming experience feel much more realistic!

EA has gone to extra lengths to ensure that the games breakout stars are looking crisp and clean in the new game, and aren't stuck with a generic face.

Haaland face scan
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EA FC 24 cover art

The EA Sports FC 24 cover art for the Ultimate Edition showcases some of the biggest names in world football. Instead of having just one athlete featured on the cover, EA Sports FC opted for a different approach. The EA Sports FC 24 cover features some of the biggest football stars of the present and the past.

EA Sports FC 24 cover art
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It's certainly a unique cover art compared to previous years!

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