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EA FC 24 RTTK Team 1 Officially out NOW!

EA FC 24: Road to the Knockouts Release Date & Predictions!
Credit: Via @futnorthwest on Twitter

With the EA FC 24 campaign now fully underway, standard edition players have joined the early access gamers in starting their journey in FC 24!

We have loads of content for you to feast your eyes on including TOTW 2, and guides on how to defend in EA FC 24, as well as tons of Evolutions content, with guides to the Relentless Winger Evolutions, and Golden Glow Up, so be sure to check them out.

But first, let's take a look at the most recent FC 24 Ultimate Team news, involving a very special promo!

When is the RTTK Team 1 out in EA FC 24?

The FC 24 RTTK promo was released on 29 September at 6:00 pm BST, along with other SBCs and Objectives in the game!

When is the RTTK Team 2 out in EA FC 24?

Team 2 of the Road to the Knockouts promo will be live on 6 October at 6:00 PM BST.

FC 24 Road to the Knockouts Champions League players

Erling Haaland had to be included with 94 shooting, and 90 physical his upgraded card will be INSANE! This will be the first promo that the cover star is a part of, and he will be the most expensive RTTK card by far!

Victor Osimhen, Bruno Fernandes, and Bukayo Saka will all be incredibly sought-after when their cards hit the Ultimate Team market!

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RTTK Official UCL Stats

First Women's RTTK UCL player in FC 24

The first-ever Women's Champions League player coming to RTTK is Svenja Huth of Wolfsburg. The German club always seems to go far in the tournament, so expect to see her card receive some upgrades.

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RTTK Europa League players

Luis Diaz has 93 pace, and 90 dribbling joining the RTTK Europa League promo! The Colombia LW player will be an awesome player to pack in FC 24!

Kiliann Sildilla has some very good stats for a defensive full back being able to play as a CB too makes him even better!

euorpa league rttk
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RTTK Conference League players

Dzeko is one of the stand out players in the Conference League. The player has an insane 89 shooting, and 80 physical on their Europa Conference League card is Fenerbahce's new striker, Edin Dzeko. Although not the fastest, he will score goals for fun in your team.

dzeko rttk
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Bruno Guimaraes SBC (86 OVR) & Giovanni Reyna OBJ (84 OVR)

Bruno Guimaraes has received an SBC card which will allow Ultimate Team players to get his 86 upgraded RTTK card in the game!

Bruno Guimaraes
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Bruno Guimaraes

Giovanni Reyna has also to be added to FC 24 via Objectives and has an 84-rated card.

Giovanni Reyna
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Giovanni Reyna

Both of these players will be fighting it out in the same Champions League group, so completing both of these players could result in one not getting a further upgrade in the future.

We recommend completing both, however. Reyna is free, so he is absolutely worth it, where as Guimaraes costs coins and players from your club, however his card is fantastic!

What is the Road to the Knockouts?

The Road to the Knockouts promo is associated with real-life Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League performances. These items can receive a "Wins Upgrade" for specific victories in the remaining Group Stage matches and a "Qualification Upgrade" if the team progresses to the Knockout Stages. RTTK in EA FC 24 offers an engaging means to follow and support favourite teams and players on their journey to the Knockouts.

Upgrade description

We also have information on what it takes for all players in the RTTK promo to be upgraded:

Champions League

  • Win 2 Remaining Matches in Group Stage (+1 IF Upgrade)
  • Qualify for Round of 16 (1+ IF Upgrade)

Europa and Conference League

  • Win 2 Remaining Matches in Group Stage (+1 IF Upgrade)
  • Qualify for Round of 32 (1+ IF Upgrade)
rttk requirements
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Are Women included in the Champions League RTTK

With the introduction of women in UT this year, we will be getting Women's Champions League RTTK cards for the first time ever.

The card design is very nice too, with a different shade to the men's UCL cards. An exciting new addition to FC 24 Ultimate Team!

rttk requirements women
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RTTK walkout pack animation

The EA FC 24 pack walkout animation for RTTK looks amazing!

This is going to make packing one of these players feel even more special!

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All RTTK players

The following list will include all Road to the Knockouts players so far in EA FC 24!

  • 92 Haaland
  • 90 B Fernandes
  • 90 Osimhen
  • 89 Saka
  • 88 Bonucci
  • 88 Džeko
  • 87 Luis Diaz
  • 87 S Huth
  • 87 Mertens
  • 86 De Paul
  • 86 B Guimarães
  • 85 Kalulu
  • 85 Laimer
  • 85 Openda
  • 84 Dodô
  • 84 Pote
  • 84 Reyna
  • 84 Wieffer
  • 83 Machado
  • 83 Sildillia

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