EA FC 24 Career Mode: New features, coaches & more

EA Sports FC Pep Guardiola

EA Sports FC Pep Guardiola

EA Sports FC 24 is almost upon us, with the game signalling the start of a brand new era in the world of football gaming.

With FIFA and EA going their separate ways, the launch of this brand-new game is set to take the world by storm and introduce a host of new features and innovations.

With major modes like Ultimate Team, Clubs and Career Mode all set to return, we want to take a closer look at what each mode may offer in the new game.

Career Mode has undoubtedly been in a precarious position in recent years, however, there are still millions of players dedicating time to wonderkids and rebuilds, so we want to take a look at all of the confirmed new features that will be arriving in this mode.

EA FC 24 Career Mode

Career Mode is a FIFA mainstay, and we're pleased to say that it's survived the divorce and will once again be featured in EA FC 24.

New features have now been confirmed in the latest EA FC deep dive, and there are some significant features to note.

EA FC 24 Ballon d'Or
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PRESTIGE - Ballon d'Or has come to vastly improve Career Mode

From new personality styles to the arrival of the Ballon d'Or, EA has certainly shown a lot of love to player careers this year.

Not only that, manager mode will see improvements as well, with players keen to see how these new features, matched with gameplay innovations, will affect just how different Career Mode feels in EA FC 24.

New features

A host of new features have been confirmed to arrive in Career Mode this year, with all new innovations aimed at giving you more autonomy over your team.

Total management system

Tactical Vision enables you to have easier control over selecting, implementing, and then perfecting the way your team approaches their football.

There are seven different tactical visions to choose from and tweak:

  • Standard
  • Wing Play
  • Tiki-Taka
  • Counter-Attack
  • Gegenpressing
  • Kick & Rush
  • Park the Bus

All tactical visions can be tweaked and developed, with training your system and hiring new coaches becoming a key part of your side's success.

Coach development

One of the biggest new features in EA FC 24 Career Mode gives players the ability to hire coaches to help develop their tactical style.

With coaching staff in place, when a Tactical Vision is selected, the game automatically picks the coach with the best Knowledge level in each department and assigns them as the Head of Department.

EA FC 24 Haaland growth
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LEVEL UP - Your coaches will help your players grow

The Knowledge the Head Coach has can increase the attributes of players in their department. The higher the Knowledge level is, the more Attributes can be. Novice-level Coaches typically increase three Attributes at most, while Expert level coaches can increase up to nine Attributes.

The Attributes that are increased for each player are determined by the combination of the Tactical Vision that the coach knows, and the position the player has on the pitch.

You can decide how to assign hired coaches to the club’s departments, depending on the needs of each club. However, every club has a limited number of open positions to hire coaches.

The list of coaches that is available on the market refreshes periodically. So if you don’t find the ideal candidates to fill all available slots, you can return after some time and check again.

Coaches can be moved freely between departments with no implications, to balance the dynamic Ideal Quality of each Department. The club can also release them to make room for a better available coach, but this will generate a severance package that will come out of your budget.

Training plans

Team preparation is a season-long quest to find the right balance between building up the players’ match Sharpness and helping them regain their Fitness as soon as possible.

EA FC 24 Training Plans allow you to establish the right balance between building performance and regaining energy for each player in the squad. There are five Training Plans to choose from, ranging from focused on Performance to focused on Energy.

EA FC 24 coaches
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BETTER THAN EVER - Coaches can help you find the right style

Training Plans can be assigned individually or to groups of players: Starting XI, Subs, and Reserves.

Keep an eye on your team’s levels and remember you need players sharp to get their Attributes increased by your Coaches’ Knowledge, but you also need them fit to be able to sprint during matches and avoid injuries.

These will be huge for when you sign a wonderkid to your team and want them to develop in a quick time! You could have the next Lamine Yamal or Amara Diouf at your club!

Ballon d'Or

One of the biggest features announced alongside the Career Mode deep dive is the arrival of the Ballon d'Or in this year's game.

The Ballon d'Or had been rumoured to feature in EA FC 24, but we weren't 100% sure whether EA would pull the trigger.

Haaland Ballon d'Or
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NEW STARS - We can't wait to see who claims this major prize

However, we now know the game will feature this prestigious competition for the first time ever.

Set to feature as part of Career Mode; the Ballon d'Or will likely be made up of new flashy cut scenes, creating a real sense of atmosphere towards an event.

David Jackson, VP of Brand for EA Sports, said:

“We’re delighted to bring the prestigious Ballon d’Or into EA Sports FC. Including these iconic trophies in-game furthers our efforts to provide players with the most authentic and inspiring football experiences possible.”

Player Career sees big changes

Managerial career might be the traditional mode, but Player Career has seen a lot of love in EA FC 24 too.

Your player Career agent will act as a guiding light through your career, helping you navigate transfers to the biggest clubs in the world by setting up a career path, giving you targets to hit to help improve your reputation, and of course, negotiating your deals.

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PlayStyles will be instrumental in crafting your unique identity on the field, as the enhanced Player Personality system will provide a booster that alters on-pitch behaviour along with opening up some of the new PlayStyles to help you become a world-class player.

On top of all of these new features, like in previous games, you will have the ability to customise your player to the max, fitting him or her with the freshest new boots, hairstyles, and accessories.

A key new feature in Player Career mode will be tattoos, making for even more customisation options in EA FC 24.

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