EA FC 24 Clubs: Everything you need to know

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EA's promo photo for EA FC 24 Clubs

The days are ticking away toward the new game with early access almost out and we now have a bunch of news about EA FC 24 Clubs. This is the Pro Clubs we all know and love but with a new name, some big updates, and some clean new vibes for everyone to enjoy.

With EA ditching the FIFA name this year players are expecting big things, and it looks like Clubs will be one of the most popular ways to experience the new game this year.

Here's everything you need to know about EA FC 24 Clubs!

EA FC 24 Clubs

If you played Pro Clubs previously then you will be familiar with Clubs in EA FC 24, but if not let's break down exactly what is EA FC Clubs for you.

Clubs is an online mode that lets players create their own player in the game AND a club to either play with friends or against them! There are thousands of ways to customise your player within Clubs, and some new ways to customise your team too.

Not only can you pick your Clubs team name and player names, but much more!

A Spider themed stadium in EA FC 24 Clubs
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SPIDEY FANS - There are plenty of themes to pick from!

In Clubs you will grow the support and reputation of your team by playing and winning matches, providing you with higher OVR AI teammates, more stadium options and fresh customisation options.

Clubs League

This is where Clubs divert from what we knew before in Pro Clubs. This year EA FC 24 is introducing seasons instead of the old promotion/relegation system.

Each Clubs League season will last around six weeks and will have a league phase and then a playoff phase!

The league phase will start fresh with each season and players can rack up points for their Club by winning matches to climb divisions. Clubs all start at Division 5 and can climb their way up to the Elite Division simply by winning games.

The Clubs league match screen in EA FC 24
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COLD THURSDAY IN STOKE - Prove you've got what it takes!

When your Club has earned enough points to move up a division you'll get into a series of promotion matches. These will decide your fate as your Club is challenged to win a specified amount of games from a set number of fixtures. Succeed and you're off to the next division, fail and you will lose a few points and need to build back up to take another shot at promotion. It's important to note that there is no relegation, just earning your way up the ladder! Every promotion brings rewards and grows your reputation too.

The higher your division is by the end of the league phase, the higher your rewards will be come playoff time! Speaking of Clubs Playoffs, these take place over the final week of each season. At the start, each Club will be put into a pool based on their division and tasked to complete a set number of matches to rank as high as possible within their divisions' playoff table.

EA FC 24 Clubs trophy
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BIGGEST PRIZE IN THE GAME - Everyone wants one of these!

There are no draws here, with penalties, YES penalties, deciding things if there is no winner after 120 minutes. At the end of the playoff phase, you'll get more rewards, and if you end at the top a Clubs League trophy too!

Imagine having to take the winning penalty for your team...

PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ in Clubs

Like other parts of EA FC 24, PlayStyles will play a big role in your success on the field in Clubs.

Your pro can have up to six PlayStyles slots and two PlayStyles+ slots to unlock so there will be plenty of space for experimentation but also meta builds to be created!

Clubs leaderboards

For the first time in Clubs (or Pro Clubs) there will be a skill rating for each Club on the leaderboards. This will truly show if you are the best of your peers or need to sharpen your skills.

The EA FC 24 Clubs leaderboards
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TOP OF THE CHARTS - How high can you go?

Skill rating won't influence matchmaking or anything like that, it is simply a tool to compare your Club with others. It is calculated by using your results in both league and playoff games and the relative skill rating of the opponents you beat or lose to.

Player customisation

As you would expect, there will be a TON of customisation options in FC 24 to make your pro stand out. Combined with VOLTA, you will be able to experiment by making yourself look sharp and well dressed, or like you've gotten dressed in the dark.

Clubs pro personality in EA FC 24
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Clubs pro personality

With numerous ways to improve your style, there are more options than ever to change your hair, clothes, tattoos, plus much more! So you can spend hours perfecting your look both on and off the pitch and the better you perform in-game, the more rewards you will unlock.

Cross-play in Clubs FC 24

Cross-play is finally here in Clubs for EA FC 24! After years of asking for it, EA has answered.

This enables players from different platforms to play against and with one another in Clubs. PS5 and Xbox Series X users can now play alongside each other as teammates or head-to-head on the field, which opens the door to so many opportunities.

Whether you're joining friends on different platforms and creating a Club of 11 players, or playing against another group of mates on another console, this allows everyone to enjoy Clubs together!

Clubs is cross-play on EA FC 24
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Clubs is cross-play on EA FC 24

Will Clubs be on Nintendo Switch?

This also makes for quicker matchmaking, and for the first time, Clubs will be available for players on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch will also not have any cross-play availability on EA FC 24.

The only downside is that cross-play is not cross-generation, so PS4 and PS5 players cannot play together. However, it is a huge step in the right direction.

Has Clubs been saved?


These new features have revitalised Clubs when it was slowly becoming a game mode played by fewer players each year.

With a whole new league system, this gives each game meaning as you and your friends play your way to the Division 1 title. The playoffs system allows for intense battles where only a win matters and could turn your Club's reputation into one of the best in the world.

And the introduction to PlayStyles allows for some entertaining boosts to your gameplay.

Will you be playing Clubs with your friends this year?

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