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EA FC 24

In its latest deep dive, EA FC 24 revealed a lot of exciting new features coming to career mode. This is great news for the career mode community, as they have been asking for changes for a long time.

One of the main changes EA FC 24 is introducing, is the coaching system. In previous editions, players could pretty much only select their tactics and formation. There wasn't really a lot of immersion in the coaching role.

However, EA FC 24 is introducing some spectacular new features, that will revolutionise career mode. These features make the coach's job more impactful and realistic.

So, let's take a look at them.

EA FC 24 introduces coaching staff

No more will you be a one-man army, trying to take your team to glory. EA FC 24 career mode has finally introduced the coaching staff feature. This is something that is already present in games such as Football Manager but is a feature that EA FC desperately needed to introduce.

In real life, coaches depend on their coaching staff to help them shape their team. It will be no different in EA FC 24. Players will be able to hire assistant coaches that will help them perfect their tactical approach.

EA FC 24  coaching staff menu
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Credit: EA FC

The coaching staff will have a huge impact on how well your team learns your tactical approach, and how players develop. Coaches will also provide different attribute bonuses to players, depending on their departments.

Similar to Football Manager 2024, the better your coaching staff is the faster your players will develop. Better coaches will also make players significantly better.

Coaches departments

There are four coaching departments. Attack, Midfield, Defence, and Goalkeeping. All players are linked to at least one of these departments. For example, LW, RW, and ST are all part of the Attack department.

Similar to Football Manager, you will need to hire coaches for all departments. But coaches have two dimensions you should have in mind before hiring them. They are Tactical Knowledge and Player Development.

Tactical Knowledge describes how familiar they are with the team's tactical approach. There are three levels, novice, accomplished, and expert. Every coach is at a novice level for the seven Tactical Visions you have available in the game.

EA FC 24 coaching departments
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Credit: EA FC

However, some coaches are experts in more than one of them, making them more valuable. Once you select your tactical approach, the game "automatically picks the coach with the best Knowledge level in each Department and assigns them as the Head of Department".

As mentioned above, the head coach of each department can increase players' attributes. Novice coaches can increase a maximum of three attributes at the same time. Expert coaches can increase nine attributes, helping your players improve at an astonishing speed.

When it comes to the Player Development feature, it's measured by stars. Each coach can have between one to five stars. The more stars they have, the faster the players' development from that specific department will be.

Players will earn more match XP, increase their attributes at a faster speed, and get higher OVRs.

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