EA FC 24: Player Career Mode explained

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ea fc player career mode
Credit: EA Sports

Are you ready to dive into EA FC 24 Player Career Mode? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! EA Sports FC have released exciting news for fans of the video game franchise formerly known as FIFA.

Players get the chance to try out a whole host of features in a dedicated mode that focuses on the career development of a pre-existing player or your very own.

In this article, we’re going to talk at length about all the overall experience of Player Career Mode, with particular attention paid to elements such as player customisation, skill development as well as career pathway progression.

EA FC 24 Player Career Mode - How to customise your player

As you know, the game gives you the opportunity to personalise the physical appearance of your player at the start of a career save. First of all, you get to choose the basic information for your player, which includes details like their name, date of birth, ethnicity and age.

From there, you can proceed to tailor-make the athletic build of your created player. This means you can adjust their height and weight attributes as well as define what sort of body build the player should have. This could be either a stocky build (think of Fulham’s Adama Traore), an average one or a slender body shape. After that, you can get more granular by selecting a hairstyle that will help your player stand out on the field.

In this year’s game, the customisation options have been expanded even further to incorporate tattoos and face guards, which were heavily requested by the player community for this video game. Additionally, if you want to trot out onto the field looking like the former professional football player Edgar Davids, you very well can because the game also allows you to add goggles to your created player’s facial look.

ea fc 24 player career mode - new tattoo customizer
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Admittedly, tattoos are a great addition because you can now attempt to replicate some famous tattoo designs which popular players in real life have. For example, Lionel Messi has several permanent tattoo markings on his left leg, representing things that mean a lot to him on a personal level. You can leave similar imprints on your created player through the tattoo design module in the new game.

What objectives can you complete in Player Career Mode?

This game mode has certain mandatory requirements that need to be met for you to continue working with a club, whether it is to extend terms at your current club or earn a transfer elsewhere.

A club could require you to complete a certain number of successful dribbles during a season or rack up a certain amount of appearances during a campaign.

Here’s a closer look at this:

ea fc 24 player career mode - mandatory and optional performance objectives
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Also included are optional objectives which won’t directly affect which team you’ll end up playing for, but they play a part in securing things like higher weekly wages. Examples of such optional objectives include winning La Liga or Premier League Player of the Month and the Golden Boot.

How to change clubs in Player Career Mode

One of the greatest additions to Player Career Mode is the inclusion of Player Agents. Think about an agent like Jorge Mendes with clients such as Joao Cancelo, Darwin Nunez, and Bernardo Silva. He’s able to represent the professional interests of these athletes when it comes to contract and transfer negotiations.

EA FC 24 incorporates agents in exactly the same way, as they function in the game by helping you shape your future through negotiating with clubs about potential transfers and contracts that influence the course of your career.

Moving club within Player Career Mode is done by selecting a target team. Your agent helps you evaluate your target team, and if they decide that your choice is too ambitious, they’ll recommend a club you can use as a “stepping-stone” that can act as a bridge between your current team and your desired one.

When you set up your target team, you’ll also have specific objectives to meet to earn a contract for the club in question.

Here’s a screenshot of this:

ea fc 24 player career mode - target team
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So, the target team could expect you to score a certain amount of goals or complete a certain amount of appearances with your current club for you to earn a move. All in all, this makes for a immersive game experience.

How to become a free agent

Deciding your next career move in the game is pretty straightforward if you decide to go on the path of becoming a free agent. As a free agent, you won’t be contractually obligated to play for any team, so you’ll have your pick of teams to choose from when deciding your next playing destination.

To become a free agent, you must refuse to sign a contract renewal for your current team and let the contract duration fully elapse. You also shouldn’t sign any contract for another team before the expiration of your existing contract, should you receive any offers.

One of the benefits of joining a club as a free agent is that there’s the potential for bonus offers when it comes to your weekly wage, as the club signing you on a free deal can save significant sums of money on a transfer fee. This makes it financially feasible for them to offer you an added incentive to join through higher salary payments and extra sign-on fees.

Player Career Mode PlayStyles

Another area EA FC 24 differentiates itself from FIFA 23 is the Player Personality System.

With this, your created player doesn’t act or react to situations in the same way as other players in the game. There are seven different levels of personality, and within each one you’re able to assign a PlayStyle which is a unique booster that changes how your created player behaves on the pitch.

EA FC 24 Player Career Mode - Play Styles


The PlayStyles you have access to assign entirely depend on the distribution of Personality Points between the existing Maverick, Heartbeat and Virtuoso personality types.

Have a look at the screenshot below for a glimpse of this:

ea fc 24 player career mode - play styles and personality
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Just to give an example of how this works, let’s consider the Heartbeat PlayStyle. If you activate a Bullet Pass booster to this style, your player will benefit from their passes travelling faster along the ground without impacting the trapping difficulty of the intended receiver. So, your ground passes will travel faster and won’t cause problems for the player who controls them.

Working your way up to fully developing a specific type of personality opens up access to a wider range of PlayStyles from that particular personality type which were previously inaccessible. Even more so, as experience is gained and your player personality evolves you can potentially phase out those tied to a personality type that no longer suits the player's overall style.

It’s also important to note that generic PlayStyles can be equipped across all Personality types.


Upon reaching the highest level of personality, dominant traits open the door to a powerful and refined version known as a PlayStyle+. This enhancement elevates your player’s performance to new heights during matches.

And that's it! We hope this comprehensive guide helps you in your EA FC 24 journey. For more content, check out everything you need to know about VAR in EA FC.

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