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About us

Realsport101 is a premier destination for sports gaming enthusiasts, focusing on games like EA FC, Madden, and NBA. Our mission is to provide the latest news, in-depth guides, and comprehensive reviews in the world of sports gaming. Acquired by Gfinity in 2020, Realsport101 has quickly become a go-to source for fans seeking expert content on their favourite sports games.

Our international presence includes localized versions in Spanish and Portuguese, RealGaming101.es and RealGaming101.pt, catering to a diverse global audience.

Our team comprises dedicated writers and editors who are passionate about sports gaming. They bring their extensive knowledge to deliver engaging and informative content daily.

Realsport101 is part of the Gfinity Digital Media group, a leader in digital gaming and esports media.

Since 2020, our network has grown to include nine properties and two localizations, reaching over 10 million monthly fans.

Contact us

For press releases, news tips, and Realsport101 inquiries, email us at press.realsport101.com. For other inquiries, contact us here.


Gfinity Arena, Retail Centre, Unit 18 Fulham Broadway, London, SW6 1BW

Meet the Realsport101 editorial team

Toby Durant - Editor-in-Chief

Toby Durant joined Gfinity Digital Media as Sports Group Manager in 2023, having spent more than ten years as a writer and editor in the sports & video game industry.

He began his career at The Pulling Linemen as co-founder, where he wrote about the NFL and interviewed players and coaches from the biggest teams in the sport.

Toby then joined the staff at RealSport101.com, where he launched their global sports coverage, specialising in NFL, football, and Formula One. He featured in the RealSport Podcast series, discussing weekly events across the sports world. Toby rose through the ranks to be Deputy Editor at RealSport101.com.

His next job was at RacingGames.GG as Editor-in-Chief, launching the site in 2020 and building an editorial & social team that made the brand the most visited virtual motorsport website in the world.

Toby has brought his knowledge and passion for sports and video games to Gfinity Digital Media, where he leads multiple teams of expert editors & writers to create engaging and informative content in the sports video game space.



Nathan Salmon - Sports Editor

Nathan Salmon joined Gfinity Digital Media as a Senior Football Writer for RealSport101.com in 2023, shortly after graduating from university with a First Class Honours degree in Sports Journalism.

With several years of experience through university, working within football clubs such as Burnley, Preston North End, and AFC Blackpool, writing articles, producing documentaries, and dabbling in social media, Nathan quickly established himself within the RealSport101 team.

Nathan is a keen and passionate gamer and football fan, which translates into his writing, and has 1000s of hours in the FIFA franchise, and has dedicated himself to the game.

Whether it’s the latest patch in the game, a brand-new promo in Ultimate Team, or a ‘how to’ guide for Career Mode, Nathan leaves no stone unturned when it comes to his football coverage, which is why he is a great asset to Gfinity Digital Media.



Silvia Chen - Gaming Editor

Armed with a degree in English Literature and a passion for gaming, Silvia Chan joined Gfinity Digital Media as Gaming Editor for RealSport101.com in June 2023.

Prior to joining RealSport101, Silvia played a pivotal role in her university's Gaming & Esports Society committee as the Design & Social Media Manager, spearheading the written and visual identity across various platforms and fostering a thriving online community through original content creation.

Silvia's dedication to gaming extended to her streaming endeavours on Twitch. Venturing into live streaming, she dived into various gaming genres, building a deep understanding of different titles and their respective communities. This experience fueled her desire to share her knowledge and insights with a wider audience, leading her to Gfinity Digital Media.

Whether delving into the rich lore of Genshin Impact, mastering the intricacies of Riot Games’ competitive titles, or exploring the vibrant world of fighting games, Silvia brings her expertise, creativity, and passion to every piece of content she produces at RealSport101.



Editorial board

Gfinity Digital Media properties are overseen by Gfinity Digital Media’s editorial board.

The board consists of experienced journalistic editors and digital strategists and aims to oversee the editorial output of the company’s properties.

The board sets and enforces editorial guidelines across all websites to ensure content is accurate, engaging, and relevant to the audience it is intended for.

Its primary objectives are:

  • Content Strategy Development: They oversee the content strategy for each website, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive coverage of gaming genres, industry news, reviews, and in-depth features that resonate with a wide range of gaming audiences.
  • Quality Control: Board members regularly review content across the platforms to ensure consistency in quality and tone. They provide feedback and guidance to editors and writers to continually elevate the level of content.
  • Ethical Oversight: The board addresses any ethical concerns related to content, such as conflicts of interest, representation, and the handling of sensitive topics within the gaming community.
  • Training and Development: The board plays a role in the professional development of editorial staff, providing training and resources to enhance their skills in digital journalism and content creation specific to the gaming niche.
  • Crisis Management: In the fast-paced digital environment, the board is also responsible for managing crises, such as handling misinformation or addressing potential public relations issues.

The editorial board consists of:

Hugo Drayton - Editorial Excellency

Hugo Drayton, with a career spanning over two decades in media and advertising, is known for his leadership at Inskin Media and Future plc. His experience in managing high-impact advertising and ethical business practices, combined with his role at the British Skin Foundation, reflects his commitment to editorial excellence and responsible journalism.


David Halley - Compliance

David Halley's diverse career, currently as CEO of Gfinity PLC, showcases his expertise in strategic leadership and compliance. His experience in financial management and risk assessment, particularly during his tenure as a Founder of Capstone Financial and roles in trading and risk management at Candlestick Trading and Man-Vector Ltd, underpins his strong compliance acumen.


Dominic Needler - Operations

Dominic Needler, with extensive experience in the digital entertainment sector, excels in operations and project management. His tenure at Gfinity PLC, where he led operations and digital product strategies, along with his background in content strategy and M&A, showcases his capability to drive operational excellence in digital publishing.


Daniel Conlan - Strategy and User Experience

Daniel Conlan, a seasoned professional in content strategy and creation in the gaming and esports sector, currently plays a pivotal role at Gfinity Digital Media, heading up Growth Strategy. In this capacity, he is instrumental in developing new properties and expanding audiences, leveraging his expertise in analytics, SEO, and editorial content strategy. His experience at EarlyGame, Ginx TV, and Esportranks has equipped him with a deep understanding of user experience and strategic content development, making him a valuable asset in driving the company's growth and outreach in the competitive gaming landscape.


Editorial standards & disclosures, and correction policy

Realsport101 is committed to the highest editorial standards. This section details our policies on editorial practices, NDAs and embargoes, reviews, sourcing, and corrections and updates.

Editorial practises

Every article - whether news, reviews, features, or sponsored content - at Realsport101 enters a period of internal review and editing before publication.

Our editorial team, comprising seasoned editors with expertise in sports gaming, ensures each piece is rigorously examined for factual accuracy, coherence, style, and overall quality. This process often involves multiple revisions to enhance clarity and impact.

For news articles, additional fact-checking is crucial to our commitment to accuracy, verifying every claim or statement. Content that treads into sensitive areas undergoes a legal review to preempt issues of libel or defamation, protecting our writers and brand.

The final stage is the editor's review, representing Realsport101's ethos and standards. This approval signifies the article meets our high standards, ready to be shared with our audience.

NDAs and embargoes

Realsport101 often signs non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with game developers or publishers. These NDAs specify that we won't reveal certain information about a sports game before a set date, allowing us to prepare content like news, comprehensive reviews, or guides in advance.

Our opinions on sports games remain unbiased, regardless of NDAs. Any content influenced by an NDA is clearly disclosed for transparency.


Realsport101’s critics, who are experienced in sports gaming, provide in-depth reviews for the latest games. Their lifelong passion for sports games enables them to assess the merits and drawbacks of each game, offering valuable insights to our readers.

Our team often gains early access to sports games, delivering timely reviews. However, we're committed to thorough, thoughtful reviews, regardless of access timing. Our reviews remain unbiased and integral.

We publish 'reviews in progress' for games accessed in parts. Our comprehensive reviews await full game access, ensuring accuracy and depth. We also revisit reviews for major updates or new game seasons that significantly alter the gameplay.

The review process

Our editors deeply understand our writers' strengths and areas of expertise. When we gain access to a new game or product, the editor assigns the review to the writer best suited for the task. For instance, a football fanatic will review the latest EA Sports FC, while a basketball fan will handle the newest entry in the NBA 2K series.

We maintain strict ethical standards in our review process. Writers are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest, such as personal relationships with game developers or publishers, and if found to potentially discredit the review, will be assigned to another writer.

Once a reviewer is selected, they dedicate the necessary time to thoroughly evaluate the game or product and form an informed opinion. Each review is scored out of 10, and before publication, an editor checks the review for accuracy and coherence, ensuring the given score is well-supported by the review content. While the score and its justification may be discussed, the final decision rests with the reviewer, who has spent the most time with the product. Their expert opinion is paramount, and we do not alter the tone or score of a review by committee. The score provides a quick reference for the quality of the game or product, but we always recommend reading the full review for a comprehensive understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.

In scoring a game or product, our reviewers focus on its enjoyment factor and how it compares to other offerings in the market. For example, a new EA FC title might receive a high score upon release for being the best in its genre at that time. However, this doesn't mean we will adjust the score of a previous game or inflate the score of a new game if it surpasses the older one. The full review will always give you the complete picture.

While value for money is a consideration, our primary focus is on the quality of the product. An average game won't receive a higher score simply because it's inexpensive—it's still an average game, regardless of price.

We score games and products on a scale of 1 to 10. Here's what each score represents:

  • 10: Exceptional
  • 9: Excellent
  • 8: Very Good
  • 7: Good
  • 6: Above Average
  • 5: Average
  • 4: Below Average
  • 3: Poor
  • 2: Very Poor
  • 1: Terrible

While scores are a quick guide, they don't tell the whole story. The score reflects only the reviewer's opinion at the time of writing. Our priority is always the consumer; we never let advertising, sponsorship deals, or the prospect of future access to products influence our reviews.

Review scores and opinions may be shared with producers or networks for their marketing materials, but we do not alter our opinions or scores for promotional purposes.

Content coverage

Realsport101 offers a diverse range of content, encompassing everything from news and reviews to interviews, tips, and guides. Our reporting often includes information received from publishers and game developers, typically through press releases or their own media outlets. To enrich our content and provide our audience with thorough, detailed coverage, we also incorporate material from various other sources.

We are committed to confirming the accuracy of information from multiple sources. While we safeguard the anonymity of sources who choose to share information with our writers confidentially, their identities are verified by our editorial team. Additionally, we feature articles that include information initially disclosed by other publications or content creators, always ensuring to acknowledge and link to the original source. Image credits are duly given to either the creator or the supplying publisher.

Before we publish any information that is not already public, we make efforts to contact the relevant companies or individuals for their comments.

Speculative content

Occasionally, our reporting includes rumours, speculations, or leaked information. If this is the case, we make sure to clearly mark the content as such, ensuring that headlines and article content clearly state that the information is speculative and subject to change.

Even though the content is speculative, we are careful to source such information from credible channels, and those sources will be clearly stated in the content. In cases involving rumours, we reach out to the implicated companies, allowing them the chance to confirm or refute these claims.

We also add a disclaimer to every article deemed speculative, informing readers that the information is not officially confirmed and offering a contact email for corrections.

Corrections and updates

At Realsport101, we're constantly publishing new content, with hundreds of articles going live each week. Keeping our content current and relevant is crucial, especially as stories evolve, new information comes to light, or updates occur in games that necessitate revised recommendations or additional tips.

We're committed to transparency and accountability with our audience. Therefore, if we discover any factual inaccuracies in our content, we promptly correct them. A note is added at the end of the article detailing the nature of the error and the subsequent correction. If an error significantly alters the article's meaning, we update the content with the correct information and clearly explain the previous inaccuracies near the article's start.

Our general policy is to keep all content on our website. However, in exceptional cases, particularly those involving legal issues, we might need to remove an article from Realsport101.com. In such instances, an editor's note will be placed in the original article's location, outlining the reasons for its removal.

Content sponsorship

In addition to advertising on the site, Realsport101 has established content partnerships with brands that sponsor some of our articles. Through this funding, we are able to produce even more of the entertaining editorial content you enjoy.

The majority of the content on Realsport101 is written by our editorial team and is independent of any advertising or sponsorship. However, Realsport101 also works with brands who are interested in sponsoring specific types of articles and bespoke articles about their product, services or events.

To maintain trust with our audience, we are transparent with readers when we produce articles that are created in partnership with brands, ensuring that we label them clearly as 'sponsored content' or 'supported editorial'.

These articles are written by Realsport101 writers, and depending on whether it is 'sponsored content' or 'supported editorial', they will occasionally collaborate with our partners to obtain the information they need to write about their products. As these features are funded by our partners, they will include external links to their products.

Here is everything you need to know about the different types of content sponsorship.

Supported editorial

Articles labelled as supported editorial are funded by a commercial partner, and while they may feature advert links to their products, the editorial is not written to advertise the partner’s products. The subject matter of a supported editorial article will be agreed upon with a funding partner in conjunction with a Realsport101 editor and our marketing team.

The article is independently written by a member of the Realsport101 editorial team with guidance from an editor, and it is not sent to the partner for approval.

Advertisement features

Advertisement features are articles paid for and approved by a commercial partner. The copy will be produced by a member of Realsport101 staff who will work with the partner to get the information required to produce the article. After it is written, it will be sent to the commercial partner for approval. Advertisement features are commercial content that usually promotes a partner’s products and, as such, do include advert links.

Affiliate advertising and deals standards

Affiliate links help Realsport011 bring the best coverage across sports gaming. Affiliation is a common practice across digital media, and it provides retail links for readers to easily purchase or access the products being written about. For example, if we are writing a review of a new sports game, we may include a link to a retailer where you can purchase or watch the product should you wish to do so after reading the review.

Should you click on the product link, we will earn a small commission on anything purchased or subscribed to from the linked retailer or service.

Affiliate links appear on many different articles across Realsport101, and we are always transparent with our audience, with a clear disclaimer at the bottom of any article that includes product links to retailers or streaming services.

Deals standards

Purchasing new gaming and tech products can be expensive, so Realsport101 works with retail partners to bring you the best deals around to help you save money. Whether it’s a Black Friday sale or Amazon Prime Day, you can find links to bargains on Realsport101. Deals are often time-limited. However, we strive to keep our pages updated with the best offers where possible, especially around Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day, when we’ll keep our pages updated with the latest offers, ensuring that you don’t miss out.

We are not paid directly by retailers to promote their deals, and our editorial team will only highlight products that we think our audience will like. After all, a good deal is only a good deal if the product you are purchasing is good.

Placing links to retailers makes it easier for our audience to take advantage of these deals, but we will earn a small commission on anything purchased on the retail site. Any deals article that includes product links will feature a clear disclaimer.

User-generated content

Realsport101 incorporates a comment system, moderated to adhere to our community standards. We encourage respectful, inclusive discussions and have a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech and harassment.

For any concerns, contact our support team at help@realsport101.com.