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EA FC is finally here as EA Sports has released early access ahead of the full release of the new title! Fans are buzzing as they are now playing FC 24 Ultimate Team, and getting stuck into finding the best tactics and players!

Fans are also looking at which players they can upgrade through EA FC 24 Evolutions. The possibilities are endless with Evolutions in Ultimate Team however, we have a list of the top 5 players that you can upgrade in FC 24 to turn into beasts!

So without further ado, let's take a look at these players!

What are EA FC 24 Evolutions?

EA FC 24 Evolutions represents a fresh addition to the Ultimate Team, aiming to allow players to upgrade player cards to really complete their own individual Ultimate Team. This functionality empowers players to choose particular cards that align with Evolution objectives, thereby elevating their stats, PlayStyles, and overall ratings.

Golden Glow Up Evolutions
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Golden Glow Up Evolutions

Through accomplishing these objectives, players can ensure that their evolved cards remain competitive throughout the entire year.

Furthermore, EA FC Evolutions provides the chance to personalise the visual aspects of card items. Players have the option to enhance the visual aesthetics of their evolved cards, incorporating fresh designs and dynamic backgrounds.

Evolutions Requirements

There are several Evolutions on EA FC 24, where you have the ability to change different types of players according to the requirements of each Evolution.

For example, the requirements for the Relentless Winger Evolutions are as follows:

  • OVR: Max.79
  • Pace: Max.91
  • Physicality: Max.79
  • Dribbling Max.82
  • Position: LW
  • Shooting Max.79

Meeting these requirements allows you to be able to evolve your players, and EA has made it even easier for you when you select a player to evolve from your club. When choosing a player, the tabs on the side with the requirements go green if they are within them, making it easy to see whether you can pick that player.

Top 5 players for FC 24 Evolutions

This list will take you through the top 5 players that will benefit from FC 24 Evolutions as their base cards just meet the requirements meaning their upgraded cards are some of the best options for Evolutions.

Stephan El Shaarawy (78 OVR)

A FIFA legend returns to FC 24 and evolving early into the FC 24 makes him one of the best LW cards on the game! Maxing out at 87 rated his card looks like a lot of fun with 5-star skills and a 5-star weak foot too!

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Mykhailo Mudryk (75 OVR)

Max out Mudryk's pace to 99 through FC 24 evolutions! At 84 rated his card looks insane, and there may even be the possibility of upgrading him even more!

mudryk evolutions
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Joe Willock (78 OVR)

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Joe Willock looks like a great player to upgrade in FC 24 as he has amazing pace and all-rounded stats for a midfielder. With only his shooting a little on the low side, his other stats make up for it!

Willock evolutions
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Kurt Zouma (79 OVR)

Zouma looks like the perfect player for Evolutions in the Premier League maxing out with 83 pace and a whopping 92 physicality and defending. This card is amazing!

Zouma evolutions
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Kobbie Mainoo (62 OVR)

Manchester United's Kobbie Mainoo is the most popular player for the Golden Glow Up Evolutions, and it's not a surprise to see why! With strong links to English Premier League players, plus teammate Marcus Rashford, Mainoo turns into a beast of a CM, and gets a huge +20 upgrade. Beware trying to get him from the market though, as he is either very expensive or extinct most of the time.

Mainoo Evolutions
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Kobbie Mainoo

These 5 players all look amazing, with requirements on FC 24 Evolutions changing throughout the year, the possibilities for Evolutions are endless. These five players are some of the best for the start of FC 24!

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