Squad Battles Matches Finally Shorter!

EA FC 24: New changes in Squad Battles

EA FC 24: New changes in Squad Battles

EA Sports FC 24 is almost here, and thanks to releases and leaks over the past few weeks, we have been able to conjure up all the guides, deep dives, and player ratings pieces that you need ahead of the release of EA FC 24 on 29 September.

The enthusiasm surrounding EA FC 24 is at its peak, with an incredible amount of detail gone into existing game modes such as Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Clubs. Having undertaken thorough explorations into gameplay, Career Mode, match day experience, and Ultimate Team, we now possess an extensive understanding of what lies ahead in this new instalment and the emerging era of EA Sports FC.

Key updates in the offline AI were showcased for squad battles in Ultimate Team allowing for the gameplay to be more exciting than ever. Without further ado, let's dive into the latest updates.

Enhanced AI

The latest updates have been made in the AI to ensure a unique gaming experience in every single match.

EA FC 24 gameplay
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AI mimic

Utilising cutting-edge artificial intelligence, AI Mimic harnesses real-world volumetric data from footballers and instantaneously replicates their distinctive bodily motions within EA SPORTS FC 24. This ground-breaking technology enables fans to immerse themselves in Haaland's iconic running style, along with that of over 1,200 other premier footballers featured in The World's Game.

AI true flight ball physics

AI True Flight Ball Physics, driven by artificial intelligence, meticulously analyses countless real-world passes, shots, free-kicks, and crosses. It then fine-tunes these movements to replicate the authentic dips, swerves, and soaring trajectories of the ball within EA SPORTS FC 24, mirroring the precision exhibited when the ball is struck by some of the finest football players.

AI hands

StretchSense gloves elevate the capture of natural hand movements to an unprecedented level of precision, transmitting this data to AI systems. These AI systems then dynamically create lifelike hand motions in real-time, faithfully replicating the intricate movements of hands, wrists, and fingers as seen in the gameplay of footballers.

Squad Battles

The feedback from the community has finally been heard, and the Squad Battles match length has been decreased!

EA FC 24 squad
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In EA FC 24 Squad Battles matches will last eight minutes. Each part will have a duration of four minutes, two minutes less than in previous editions. This will allow players to save plenty of time, and complete challenges in a faster way.

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