EA Confirms Major Career Mode Changes for FC 24

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The official EA FC 24 Career Deep Dive trailer is finally here with EA Sports announcing all new improvements and updates in Career Mode.

Fans have been waiting for this announcement for months now as we progress from FIFA 23 to EA FC 24.

Loads of information have been released for what fans can expect in EA FC 24 Career Mode so without further or let's dive right into the new information!

Major Career Mode changes in EA FC 24

After an intensive look into the new game title, we now have a better understanding of what we can expect to see in EA FC 24 Career Mode with a lot to unravel. From new features to cutscenes and updated game mechanics in gameplay and UI. Career Mode is set to have its biggest overhaul yet.


The new Coach system is designed to enhance your team's tactical prowess and boost player attributes. Each coach possesses Tactical Knowledge, with three levels - Novice, Accomplished, and Expert - in seven distinct Tactical Visions.

As a manager, you'll have the power to assign coaches to specific departments, such as Attack, Midfield, Defence, and Goalkeeping, ensuring your players benefit from their expertise.

Coaches in EA FC 24!
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Coaches in EA FC 24!

As matches unfold, Tactical View allows you to spectate the game from various angles. You can closely monitor individual players or get a comprehensive bird's-eye view of the entire action. Experience the excitement from the touchline, just behind the manager, as you strategize on-the-fly.

Pre-match preparations

The new Matchday Hub now includes pre-match reports, dedicated training sessions, and press conferences, giving you the edge to conquer your next opponent.

Pre-match reports provide valuable insights into your rival's playing style. Key information includes the probable line-up, the opponent's recent form, and their standing in the competition. Additionally, you'll receive details about key attacking and defensive players to watch out for.

Match Ready Training sessions offer tailored drills to improve your team's performance. Completing these drills unlocks temporary PlayStyles for your players, focusing on specific aspects of the game.

For example, mastering the Game Crossing Scenarios drill can equip your Strikers with a Power Header PlayStyle, Wingers with Whipped Pass PlayStyles, and Defensive Midfielders with an Aerial PlayStyle.

Career Mode Deep Dive!
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Career Mode Deep Dive!

Dynamic moments

The Cinematics team at EA SPORTS has been hard at work, and they have an exciting goal in mind: to celebrate success like never before! With this in mind, they have introduced Dynamic Moments cutscenes in Manager and Player Career modes in EA FC 24.

Here's what you can look forward to:

Ballon D'or EA FC 24
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Ballon D'or EA FC 24
  • Ballon d’Or Partnership: Witness the pinnacle of player performance recognition as EA FC 24 has partnered with the prestigious Ballon d’Or. Experience the thrill of your player receiving this esteemed individual football award.
  • Open Top Bus Trophy Parade: The conclusion of a successful season will be celebrated with an open-top bus trophy parade. This scene brings together all the trophies your team has won, representing your collective triumphs
  • Manager of the Year and Player of the Season Awards: Extravagant galas will be held to present the Manager of the Year and Player of the Season awards. Lead your team to top performances throughout the season to claim the award yourself, or cheer on your players from the audience as they lift these prestigious trophies.

Tactical View

Tactical view
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In response to community feedback, the addition of Tactical View joins the Manager Career mode. With this new feature, you can now spectate matches and watch the action unfold from various viewing angles.

Tactical View allows you to:

  • Monitor Specific Players: Watch the match closely by focusing on the activity of specific players on the field.
  • Bird's Eye View: Get an overview of the entire pitch and observe the overall dynamics of the game.
  • Touchline Chaos: Experience the excitement and intensity of the match from the touchline, just behind the manager.

The best part is that you can switch between different views seamlessly as the match progresses, without the need to pause the game. This enables you to make quick tactics changes and adjust your game plan on the fly.

Tactical View is fully integrated with other aspects of the Manager Career. If you prefer a hands-on approach, you can take control of your team by accessing the pause menu. Alternatively, if you have secured a comfortable lead, you can sit back and enjoy watching the match unfold from Tactical View. And if you want to speed things up, you can even transition to Sim mode to reach the final whistle faster.

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