What is EA FC Clubs?

With EA FC 24 in our sights, it’s not long before FIFA players young and old get stuck into a new game. Ultimate Team and Career Mode allow players to build the biggest and best squads out there, but it is the pros that we create that tend to be the most fun.

Clubs give friends the opportunity to immerse themselves into the footballing world, working together as a team, with their own created players and clubs, with the goal of dominating the world stage.

From wacky hairstyles to 6'10" strikers, Clubs has it all and EA FC 24 could be the best Clubs experience yet.

What is EA FC Clubs?

Clubs is an online mode in EA FC 24, that allows players to create their own virtual pro, customised club, and play either with friends or in drop-in matches against other people in the FC 24 community.

Players have thousands of ways to create their pro, meaning each one is different in some way or another. Hairstyles, boots, height, and even sock length are just a few of the things that you can change on your pro, making him or her as unique as possible.

Clubs player menu on EA Sports FC 24
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Clubs player menu on EA FC 24

Once your pro has been designed, you can then create a club, by picking the name, crest, kits, and stadium, for all your friends to join so you can play together.

Then it's time to head into a match, ready to take on other Clubs from around the world.

No more Pro Clubs

This year Clubs has had a revamp. Formerly ‘Pro Clubs,’ EA has decided to drop the three letters, as it’s a bit too wordy.

Although it’s the same game mode, there have been a few changes made to make the experience better. Most notably, Clubs have announced the arrival of crossplay, after listening to the FIFA community after several years of asking. This means that PS5 players can now battle it out against Xbox users, and vice versa, allowing for quicker match-making and more friends joining clubs around the world.

EA FC 24 players can now play cross-platform
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FC 24 players can now play cross-platform

Another new feature is the league system called ‘League Seasons.’ In previous games, clubs began their journey in Division 10 and had to work their way toward the promised land of the Division 1 title.

However, in EA FC 24, the league system will be similar to that of Division Rivals, where there is no relegation and there will be play-offs at the end of each season, which will reset every six weeks. Just like on Ultimate Team, it is likely that clubs will be set back a couple of divisions after each season to give them something to play towards.

The final element of the new version of Clubs is Club Identity. This allows players to increase their club reputation by climbing the leagues and winning matches, unlocking bigger stadiums, better AI teammates as well as much more.

EA FC 24 releases on 29 September, debuting the new and improved Clubs mode.

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