Shortest Women Players in EA FC 24

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FC 24 ratings are now here and we finally get to categorise and break down player cards and stats, planning as to who will potentially make our Ultimate Teams.

Women have now joined Ultimate Team, adding 50% of football into FC 24 UT. Fans can now build their Ultimate Team across Men and Women's football! We have already looked at the tallest women players in the game and now we turn our attention over to the shortest.

With Women joining Ultimate Team, we are yet to see how they will perform in-game mixed with Men footballers. With height being the main concern, will small players be impossible to tackle? Without further ado let's take a look at the smallest Women players in FC 24!

Smallest Women players in EA FC 24

Debinha (5'1"/ 156cm)

Not only does Debinha have insane stats for a CAM, not only does she also has 5-star skills and 5-star weak foot. Debinha is also just 5'1"/ 156cm meaning she will be agile, nimble, and almost impossible to get the ball off. Being this height with 91 dribbling will make it almost impossible for defenders to get the ball off her without slide tackling and even then with her 5-star skills she can advanced rainbow flick the defender! This card will be one of the most expensive in the game.

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Yui Hasegawa (5'1"/ 156cm)

Manchester City midfielder Hasegawa may not be the most useable CDM in Ultimate Team at 5'1" she may not be able to compete with many other players in Ultimate Team. Her 78 defending does not help this situation either.

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Francesca Kirby (5'2"/ 157cm)

Francesca Kirby joins Ultimate Team as an 84-rated CAM who looks to have some really great stats such as 85 pace, 83 shooting, and 88 dribbling. At 5'2"/ 157cm, this card really could be overpowered in game.

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Aitana Bonmati (5'3"/ 161cm)

One of the best all-rounded midfielders in EA FC 24, Bonmati is one of the taller players in this list at 5'3". With great stats such as 91 dribbling, 84 shooting, and 83 passing, Bonmati's height could play to her advantage in FC 24 as she has all the stats to be the perfect playmaking midfielder.

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