EA FC Clubs: Fans And Reputation guide

EA FC Clubs - Fans And Reputation guide

EA FC Clubs - Fans And Reputation guide

The new title of EA FC 24 is trickling closer to the official release where fans will finally have their hands on the new game. Long-awaited, EA FC 24 will be the first title under the new branding stepping aside from FIFA.

As we approach this momentous moment, EA Sports have provided fans with loads of information pre-release to get fans hyped up for the release date. We now have the latest Pro Clubs, now known as Clubs information to share.

Here is everything you need to know about the all-new clubs 'Fans and Reputation'.

EA FC Clubs

Clubs in EA FC 24 has received a facelift and name change from Pro Clubs to just Clubs.

Clubs is an online mode that enables players to create your own in-game character and establish a club to either play with friends or compete against them.

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Clubs will run the same as Pro Clubs, however, there are many new features to share that have been announced in EA FC 24 such as Cross-Play and Playstyles, all information can be found here.

EA FC Fans and Reputation

You will now be able to track your history and progress within building a fanbase and your overall club reputation, allowing many new features to be unlocked within player and club customisation and AI.

Club reputation

For the first time in Clubs, every single match played will be played with the target of growing your reputation.

You will be able to see how many fans your club has and how well your club is growing as the seasons progress. EA Sports have emphasised the journey of building from the bottom, ie a Sunday League team all the way to the top being the best club in the world. This creates a truly authentic experience while playing clubs.

As your reputation tiers progress you will gain access to customise the following:

  • Higher OVR AI clubmates
  • Higher tier stadiums
  • Stadium Vanity
clubs reputation
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Club customisation

Customisation has always been a fun part of Pro Clubs and EA FC Clubs enhances this enjoyment. With new customisation options that are unlocked as you progress your club. Your Clubs reputation will be a currency of experience allowing you to unlock certain items or bundles.

As your club grows in reputation, new stadiums and avenues are available to move into or personalise specifically to your club. Alongside novel seasonal content accessible via promotion in the Clubs League, your club will be able to build its character with personal touches.

clubs customisation
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All of the customisation choices can be incorporated into the three newly customisable stadiums within Clubs:

Stadium Bundles

Stadium bundles allow for your stadium to be completely transformed all from one bundle pack. The ambiance of your club's stadium can be completely changed with every bundle creating new feels to your club.

stadium packs
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Bundles such as Banners, Stadium Colours, Stadium Lighting, and Inflatables, allow you to deck out your stadium and showcase your club's individuality.

Pitch Trophies

Trophies no longer have to be hidden, as you can now show off your latest trophies pitch side!

As a means of showcasing your club's success in the Playoffs, all earned trophies can be incorporated onto your stadium grounds.

Pitch Trophies
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This offers an impactful way to show off your club's accomplishments directly within the heart of the game.

Animated Tifos

In addition to the traditional tifos in FIFA 23 currently, there are now new animated tifos that will allow for a more dynamic and authentic experience and feel around your Clubs stadium.

Animated Tifos
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