Christmas Gift Ideas 2020: Best Deals Right Now, Cheap Consoles, TVs, Headsets, Hard Drives, Games, Laptops, and more

The holiday season is coming up, and if you're like the many people who want to have a stress-free Christmas in 2020, you'll want to check out some of our gift ideas!

Shopping at Christmas is, let's face it, challenging. Dealing with crowds is one thing, but trying to find that perfect gift as the clock ticks down is another.

From insight into what to deals to expect this year, to the latest deals you can enjoy right now, we've got you covered right here!

Make sure to bookmark this page, as we'll be updating it with all the latest guides, and deals in the run-up to Christmas 2020!

Before you dive in!

You'll find all our latest guides for Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and Christmas below!

Black Friday 2020

Amazon Prime Day 2020

Christmas 2020

Can't wait for Christmas?

If Christmas feels too far away, we've got something for you right now!

Nubwo Gaming Headset 

There's a super affordable gaming headset on Amazon that's currently under £20! For what you get, it's a bit of steal!

  • Super durable and lightweight
  • Noise-cancelling mic
  • Minimal design
  • Wired and compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and more!
Gaming Headset
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QUICK-START: Jump straight in to the game with this affordable headset

Don't Miss Out! Nubwo Stereo Gaming Headset on Amazon - £19.99

Xbox One Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

With next-gen on the way, it's looking likely that we're going to see prices Xbox One drop, just in time for Christmas.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2020
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GOING X-TINCT: The Xbox One X will be discontinued to make way for Xbox Series X

With some amazing games, and some timeless Microsoft power built-in, the Xbox One is still a great choice for Christmas!

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PS4 Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

The PS4 is also another great current-gen console, with some very impressive titles exclusive to the machine!

ps4 pro
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STILL PACKS A PUNCH! The PS4 Pro can play games in 4K, and up to 60 fps!

If you're looking to save this Christmas, then a PS4 is the way to go, as there are fantastic bundle deals to be had.

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PS4 Pro

If you're looking for the next stage up, PS4 Pro is where it's at. With upgraded specs, and a new sleek design, it makes the perfect console for Christmas - especially if you're holding off the next-gen upgrade.

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GO PRO: Bundle Deals are a great opportunity to save on the powerful console!

With the ability to play games in 4K and up to 60 fps, the PS4 Pro can really deliver the goods!

Nintendo Switch

Arguably one of the most popular consoles around. Trust us when we say getting one of these is likely to be a challenge this year!

Black Friday 2020 UK
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SAVE SOME NINTEN-DOH: Last year saw some great deals, we expect more of the same this year!

Animal Crossing Horizons is already out, and has taken the world by storm, but there are other titles incoming too, that are well worth getting the console to experience!

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 is in development, and we're even seeing a FIFA 21 Legacy Edition make its way on the console too!

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Deals for Nintendo Switch are seemingly rarer than for other consoles, but we have seen some get discounted. The smaller Nintendo Lite version is one to keep an eye out for.

4K TVs

If you want to get the most out of both current-gen, and next-gen consoles, you'll need a great TV.

gran turismo 7 1
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STUNNING RESOLUTION: GT7 will be a sight to behold in 4K...and is rumoured to be playable in 8K too!

Whether you're watching TV or movies, having a blast in Warzone, or battling in Fortnite, this could be the perfect time to get an awesome deal.


Look out for brands such as Samsung and LG, who had some incredible discounts on 4K 40+ inch TVs. We also highly recommend checking Black Friday TV deals, as there are usually massive discounts to be had.

PS5 Christmas 2020

If you've got your sights set on Sony's next-gen console - Christmas 2020 could be a perfect time.

With more opportunities for pre-orders seemingly incoming, and the console being released more than a month before the festive season itself, getting a PS5 this year is looking more likely by the day!

PS5 Digital
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NEXT-WHEN? We still don't have a release date for Sony's awesome next-gen console

Similar to Xbox Series X, the PS5 is compatible with a broad range of current technology too, so don't hesitate to pre-buy your accessories early.

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Xbox Series X Christmas 2020

Xbox Series X is set to hit shelves in Novemeber, making it a great gift for Christmas.

Fortnite on Next-gen
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X-TRA POWER: The Xbox Series X has some amazing next-gen technology behind it

But if you want to save on the console, you may have more luck purchasing accessories ahead of release at earlier sales, as discounts on the machine may not be likely so close to release.

Of course, there's always a bundle deal!

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Gaming Headsets

Headsets are an amazing gift for Christmas 2020, and are as plentiful as they are varied.

Buy SteelSeries Arctis 9X Xbox One Wireless Headset - Black ...
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PREMIUM, FOR LESS! Quality headsets become surprisingly affordable in the sales!

From premium quality to entry-level, to wired or wireless, headsets give you that extra edge of immersion to your gaming experience, and even a competitive edge in games like Warzone, Fortnite, and more!

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Hard Drives

Expanding your storage is becoming a big part of anyone's gaming setup, especially due to the increase in file sizes and updates nowadays.

For current-gen, you can save all your games in one place and transport them as you see fit.

WD Game Drive
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ESSENTIAL: Grab yourself one of these, and you'll wonder how you lived without!

For Next-Gen using an HDD will be great for playing backwards compatible games, while selected SSDs will expand the storage, and enhance performance of your console.

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Gaming Monitors

Monitors can be a great way to both save and get something purpose-built for gaming.

Gaming Monitor
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WIDEN YOUR SEARCH: An explore some seriously impressive monitors!

You can grab an amazing full HD monitor for under £200, or go all-in with a top of the line powerhouse to really make your games shine!

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PC & Laptops

If you're part of the ever-growing community of PC & Laptop gamers, you'll definitely want to pay attention to some of the deals coming up this year.

Especially so, as a number of AAA titles are coming to PC this year - and you'll want to make sure your system is up the task.

Lenovo ThinkPad laptops
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LENO-WOAH! Expect some mind-blowing deals on quality laptops

You'll likely be able to make some huge savings on RTX graphics cards - which are amazing for being able to play the latest releases in stunning quality.

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