Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2: Release date 2020, trailer, gameplay, location, characters, Switch, platforms, Next Gen, theories & more

The community wants to see a 2020 release, but it's starting to look like a much longer wait.

Highly anticipated sequel Breath of the Wild 2 is looking to become Nintendo’s flagship title for 2020.

The original Breath of the Wild was so successful that it propelled sales of the Nintendo Switch upon launch – so BOTW 2, the pressure is on!

That said, it looks like the new instalment will take a dark turn, away from the storyline of the first game – this will certainly be something new for Zelda and Link and we can’t wait.

Below we sift through all the rumours and speculation and deliver the hard facts.

Remember, we’ll be updating this article regularly with all the latest release date news, gameplay rumours and information.

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Release date

Many fans want to see a 2020 release date for the next Legend of Zelda game, but it’s starting to look like it will be much longer of a wait.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 may come to the alleged next-gen Switch

While Nintendo hasn’t provided any updates on the progression of the sequel, as reported by the Daily Express, they are allegedly looking to expand their team by bringing on experienced level designers (which is supported by Nintendo Japan’s job posts going viral last year on Twitter).

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While this suggests Nintendo is searching for talented individuals, it also means we are likely to see a release in 2021 – later than anticipated.

This checks out, as there are rumours Nintendo will be launching a Switch ‘Pro’ the very same year, allegedly capable of running at 60fps and in 4K.

Nintendo will hope that the BOTW sequel can be just as good at selling consoles as the first – it proved a massive success on the Switch when it released in March 2017.


At E3 2019, Nintendo released a teaser trailer showing Zelda exploring a spooky underground chamber with Link, and there are a few things pointing towards a dark twist in the next game. 

DARKER: A screenshot taken from the teaser trailer

Link and Zelda explore a dark dungeon existing beneath Hyrule, home to some creepy-looking spirits.

The trailer ends with what looks like an earthquake and Hyrule Castle collapsing into a cloud of dust. We have no idea what to make of this, but the animation already has us on the edge of our seats.

Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has made it clear that the game is going to have a darker tone than the original Breath of the Wild, and the trailer certainly supports the notion of a dark twist.

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The warrior’s corpse being resurrected by a disembodied hand is certainly a change from the cheerful storyline in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

Playable Zelda

We’re used to seeing Zelda as a damsel in distress, but she could finally become a fully playable heroine.

Zelda and Link pass through the mysterious dungeon on a massive elephant

There is some weight behind this theory, as Zelda’s clothing and new haircut suggest she will be going on an adventure instead of sitting safely on her throne.

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Some fans have speculated that Zelda could be rescuing Link this time around, but there’s no evidence to support this claim.


The latest rumours regarding the sequel suggest the map will be different from anything we have ever seen in Zelda.

Expect to see some changes made to the map that you grew to love

The job listings that leaked last year (below) on Twitter suggest Nintendo is looking for 3D level designers, so we can expect some more dungeons to feature in the game.

This is the news we were hoping for, as we have been craving some new environments to explore.

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BOTW’s setting was beautiful and featured a dynamic weather system. But some new landscape would help to keep things fresh.

Final thoughts

DYNAMIC DUO: Playing as both Link & Zelda would be a dream come true

We hope that Nintendo can ‘switch’ things up when it comes to the next instalment of Zelda.

It will be a hard balancing act to offer the innovation we are expecting, without straying too far from what made the prequel so successful.

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