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EA announced Star Wars: Squadrons and Madden 21 in just the last week, so it's hard to imagine how much more exciting content is to come at EA Play 2020.

Let's go over everything we've learned so far.

EA Play 2020 duration

EA Play 2020 is live now! According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, the event will run for roughly 45 minutes.

EA Play 2020 Live Updates

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CAN'T WATCH? NO WORRIES - We are covering EA Play live and will post all the biggest news as it comes

During EA Play 2020, we'll be posting updates live as they come!

You can follow the action here.

How to watch EA Play

The stream is ready and waiting on YouTube!

The show starts at 7pm ET, that's 12am BST in the UK.

Latest News - Apex Legends confirmed?

Given that the next season of Apex Legends isn't expected until mid-August, we weren't sure whether the battle royale hit would be on show at EA Play.

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That said, a tease for EA Play has featured one of the legends!

Perhaps we will get an early look at Season 6, or get some insights into the game on Next Gen consoles.

Madden 21 Reveal

After the Star Wars: Squadrons announcement, we have our second big reveal of EA Play week, with the first look at Madden 21.

We didn't see any action on Next Gen - so perhaps that is what awaits us at EA Play!

EA Play Date & Time

EA Play starts on Thursday, 18 June at 7pm ET. That's 12am on Friday, 19 June for those in the UK.

You will be able to watch EA Play on the official website, and through EA's social channels.

EA Play Schedule

There is currently no firm running order for EA Play 2020, but we can predict based off of previous events.

Last year's schedule ran for three hours:

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It showcased six EA games, but with this year's event solely online, we could be in for a longer stream.

Here's what we think the schedule will look like for EA Play 2020:

6:45pm ET / 11:45pm BST – Countdown to EA Play

7pm ET / 12am BST – Star Wars Squadrons

7:30pm ET / 12:30am BST – Apex Legends

8pm ET / 1am BST – Madden 21

8:30pm ET / 1:30am BST – FIFA 21

9pm ET / 2am BST – NBA Live 21

9:30pm ET / 2:30am BST – Battlefield 6

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What is EA Play?

EA Play is a chance for you to see all your favourite EA titles in one place, and a chance for the company to show their latest releases!

Last year we saw the likes of Apex Legends: Season 2, The Sims 4: Realm of Magic Pack and Battlefield V: Chapter 5 alongside the brand new EA Sports titles and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

With Coronavirus still playing havoc with the sporting calendar, EA has moved the event solely online and will no longer open up E3.

Here are the games you can expect to see:


With recent confirmation of FIFA 21's release in an EA report, it'd be a surprise if we didn't get a look at the flagship EA Sports title at EA Play.

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We saw Volta Football last year at EA Play alongside some new gameplay improvements, but it's anyone's guess as to what is to arrive this time, especially with Next Gen consoles around the corner.

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Madden 21

Madden 21 has had a few announcements with 20 cover star Patrick Mahomes revealing the new title during Inside Xbox at the start of May, and now Lamar Jackson will grace the cover of the new game.

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MVP - Lamar Jackson graves both the standard and MVP editions of the game

It's a shoo-in for EA Play, and with the tag-line "Next Level" expect their reveal to be very Next Gen focused.

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Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons is the next big game from the franchise that EA is producing.

We've already seen a trailer, with some gameplay confirmed for EA Play.

The fighter plane title unsurprisingly pits the rebels and republic against one another, but which side will you pick?

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NHL 21

NHL 21 was also revealed in the EA report, however it looks set to come after FIFA & Madden 21.

NHL 21 potential cover star Nathan Mackinnon
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Last year it arrived in between the two games on 12 September 2019, but it looks as if it is being pushed back towards the start of the NHL season in October. Perhaps EA Play can shed some light upon its release.

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NBA Live 21

This is where things get exciting. EA pulled NBA Live 20 after falling behind in the battle with NBA 2K, but it is believed that the franchise will be back for 21 to restart its fight.

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EA Play would be the perfect stage for the announcement of NBA Live 21, but it could make sense to perhaps wait one more year and release NBA Live 22 on Next Gen consoles.

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Apex Legends

With Season 5 of Apex Legends only just being released, it does make you wonder what EA could announce at EA Play.

Season 6 won't be released until around August, which could come a bit seen for any announcements. A new Legend is perhaps a lot more likely after the addition of Wattson last year.

Battlefield VI

This is a game currently in the works, but this year's EA Play could come too soon for Battlefield VI.

The title is reportedly going to be released between April 2021 and March 2022, so expect it to be a major player at EA Play 2021.

Dragon Age 4

Nearly six years have passed since Dragon Age: Inquisition, which was met with strong reviews across the board.

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BURN BABY BURN: Epic combat and adventure could be on the horizon

BioWare reportedly started work immediately on the next instalment, however, were diverted by some apparent issues with other titles.

There may be a chance we could see a trailer at EA Play, but it may well be too early.

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The Sims 5

With Sims 4 released back in 2014, you would expect a sequel to be on the way, but again, expect the next Sims title to be showcased in 12 months' time.

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It is expected to arrive in early 2021, but we now know that the game will not be showcased at EA Play this year.

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With EA offering a vague hint toward another sports title in 2020 apart from the ones featured on their roadmap, fans are speculating that UFC 4 could fit the bill.

This would make sense with the development cycle of the games, which places UFC 4 as a little overdue as a 2020 release.

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With MMA being as popular as ever and even running legendary events and fights during coronavirus quarantine, we can't help but cross our fingers it is the eventual sports title reveal at EA Play.

Next Gen info

We are already aware of Madden 21, but the community will want to hear what games will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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IN THE DARK - We still know very little about Sony's PS5

It appears as if the sports titles will be released on both platforms, and will be free thanks to Smart Delivery on Xbox One Series X.

What Next Gen means for the likes of Apex Legends and whether cross-platform play will be achieved are some of the questions we want answered!

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