Star Wars Squadrons: New game revealed? EA Play, X-wing, tie fighter, battlefront replacement?

Is a new Star Wars game coming?

It looks like a fighter-pilot Star Wars game is in the works.

Trailer Confirmed

It looks like EA has confirmed that there will be a trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons.

It will be revealed this Monday at 16:00 BST (08:00 PT).

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Star Wars: Squadrons

It's been a long time since gamers got to take to the skies and stars and shoot down their foes in a purpose-built Star Wars game.

star wars rogue squadron
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STILL ONE OF THE BEST: Flying around in an X-wing is always fun

The Nintendo 64's "Rogue Squadron" is definitely a nostalgic favourite for gamers of a certain age, and the idea of jumping into an X-wing to battle The Empire or First Order is certainly appealing.

Will we see it at EA Play?

Star Wars games come under the EA umbrella, and with EA Play arriving next week rumours had been flying about a new Star Wars game.

Maybe it would be Battlefront III or even a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order.

Well, now it looks like a new take on the modern Star Wars gaming franchise is coming to a spaceport near you.

Potential release date

Little is know about this game. It only came out thanks to a leak on PlayStation Network in March. It was then all quiet until this most recent glimpse.

star wars squadron
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Having this game available as a launch title for the next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X would certainly be the best way to generate immediate sales.

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