UFC 4 EA Play: *UPDATED* New Reveal date, Release date, trailer, gameplay, rumors & more

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The UFC has been one of the most interesting sports companies to watch during coronavirus quarantine. The UFC has thrown several events without crowds during quarantine, making it one of the few sporting events still going. But even though we have some real mma on our tv screens, it's about time we got some more of it on our game consoles.

Gaming in general has also been impacted by coronavirus, E3 was canceled  and many games have seen delays.

This will change with EA Play, however, which will be one of the first major gaming events to persist through coronavirus.

Let's take a look at EA Play 2020 and what we can expect from EA UFC 4.

UPDATE - UFC 4 Reveal seemingly announced

Exciting news, as a recent Fight Card posted on the UFC Official page has seemingly revealed that there will be a UFC 4 reveal on 11 July. Head over here for all the details.

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EA Play Delayed

A recent tweet from EA reads that EA Play will be on 18 June 2020, which is later than originally planned.

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DELAYED: The tweet reads that the event will come later than planned

EA Play rumors

EA UFC 4 may not have any official word yet, but according to leaks and some rumors, we can expect it in the near future, even featuring Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

That likely means a showing at EA Play, which runs 18 June.

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EA has an unannounced sports title

In a recent financial report, EA covered their coming schedule of releases.

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They mention in small print “We expect to announce additional title releases in FY21 over the coming months, including an unannounced EA SPORTS title, an additional EA HD title, four EA Partners titles and two mobile soft-launches.”

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ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT: is it NBA Live, or Fight Night, or UFC 4?

This has a lot of fans excited and speculating what the title could be.

As the game is unannounced, it is likely to be a sport not currently covered with annual updates the way FIFA and Madden are.

EA Play UFC 4 – will it happen?

There have been rumors about an update to the MMA franchise for over a year. Since the first UFC game in 2014, each title has been released in 18-month cycles and we are already overdue for the next installment.

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DROOLING: Imagine these graphics on the next-gen consoles

A lot has changed since Conor McGregor donned the cover of UFC 3, and an update with the latest fighters, as well as a plan for next-gen consoles would be welcomed at EA Play.

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EA Play 2020 would be the perfect environment for an announcement, and it would time the game well to be released early in 2021 on the next-gen consoles. The power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X would take the graphics to another level.

How to watch EA Play

EA Play will start at 4pm PT / 7pm ET on Thursday 18 June. That's 12am BST on 19 June for fans in the UK.

You can watch on EA.com and almost certainly on their official social media channels too.

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