FIFA 21 PS5: What Sony’s next gen console will mean for EA’s football game

The new console arrives next year, meaning EA's FIFA could receive a huge upgrade in terms of graphics.

Sony have made a breaking announcement today, revealing the name and release date of their next gen console.

The new console, predictably named the PS5, will be available from Holidays 2020. This means we can expect it to be released late November 2020 at the earliest.

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What to Expect from the PS5

Earlier in the year, Sony’s system architect, Mark Cerny, shed some light on what we can expect from the new console.

More powerful CPU and GPU

  • Improved graphics and visual effects.
  • 8K supported graphics (if you have a TV which supports 8K).
  • System memory increase in size and speed.
  • Ability to download larger files.
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Ray Tracing

  • Models the travel of light to simulate complex interactions in 3D environments.
  • Leads to heightened realism, as it allows accurate mimicking of how light bounces off different objects.
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