Madden 21 EA Play: Gameplay reveal, abilities, first look, ratings, trailer, franchise mode, ultimate team & more

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Happy EA Play day!

We are expecting plenty of big news on games like Madden 21. Even more so after the many exciting reveals we got for Madden 21 on 16 June.

Let's go over what we can expect from Madden 21 during EA Play 2020.

New features

While the Madden 21 trailer touted new skill stick and pass rush moves, we are yet to see anything that pushes the gameplay beyond what players have been used to over the last few years.

madden 21 barkley
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SKY-HIGH SAQUON: Barkley goes arial in a shot from the new game

EA is obviously constrained by the rules and regulations of the sport, but it is safe to say that gameplay is rather stagnant at the moment and the community want something to get excited by.

Face of the Franchise

That thing might just be Face of the Franchise. The game mode returns for Madden 21 with two seasons of College Football Playoffs and potentially even some High School football.

madden 20 face of the franchise media questions
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YEAR TWO: Hopefully the game mode will be more expansive this year

Players will also get the chance to play at QB, HB, and WR too.

A gameplay reveal of the new game mode, or at least a list of the colleges we could play for, would be great to see.

Franchise Mode revamped


The wider Franchise Mode of Madden has been neglected for a while now and is the cause of most complaints about the game.

With a lot of focus on next-gen and Ultimate Team, players are just hoping that EA comes through with some updates to the core mode in Madden 21.

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