EA Play 2020 Schedule LIVE: Stream, Where to Watch, Short Show? FIFA 21, Madden 21, Star Wars Squadrons, Trailers, Live Updates & more

EA Play is about to commencce in a few moments, bringing us closer to some of our favourite upcoming games.

Some of this year's titles have already been teased, so what will the schedule look like.

Where to Watch the EA Play Live Stream

You can watch EA Play here, direct from the EA website.

There's not much longer to go until the event kicks off at 4pm PST / 7pm EST / 12am BST!

Live Updates from EA Play 2020

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AS FAST AS IT GETS- We'll cover all the biggest moments of EA Play 2020 as they come

EA Play 2020 is sure to have plenty of surprises in store, even for the games that have already been announced.

We'll be covering all the major news from the event live as it comes here!

A short show?

The stream has started, but the phrase "over the next 45 minutes" certainly has us scratching out heads. Will it be a quick one tonight?

Latest News - Apex Legends confirmed?

A tease for EA Play has featured one of the legends from Apex Legends!

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Could we get an early look at Season 6 or see what's in store for the battle royale game on Next Gen?

EA Play 2020 Timings

The showcase was set to kick off at 7pm ET on Thursday 11 June before delays.

EA officially delays EA Play
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EA'S ANNOUNCEMENT- EA announced its delay of EA Play on 5 June

Now the show will begin at 7pm ET on Thursday 18 June.

That's 12am BST on Friday 19 June for those in the UK.

EA Play Schedule

We now know one game confirmed for EA Play - and that will kick off the stream!

Star Wars Squadrons was showcased on Monday, 15 June - with a gameplay trailer coming as part of EA Play.

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CHOOSE YOUR SIDE - Which side of the Galactic War will you be on?

We expect FIFA 21 and Madden 21 to get top billing from the EA Sports side of things.

There is a mysterious "Unannounced title" on EA Sports' books. There's been speculation that it could be a new Fight Night game, UFC 4, or NBA Live 21.

EA Play would be the perfect time to unveil it.

2019 Schedule

This was the schedule for EA Play 2019:

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With Next Gen consoles around the corner, and EA Play being solely online this year, we expect the show to go on longer than the three hours of last year.

What else could be announced?

EA has a huge amount of developers and projects under its umbrella.

Trying to pinpoint exactly what they could announce or showcase is tough. Outside of the usual sports games we are hopeful of hearing news about Sims 5, and maybe even Battlefield 6.

It has already been confirmed, however, that the Sims will not feature as part of EA Play.

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BIG NEWS: Battlefield 6 will be on next-gen consoles

With some hope that there could be a Battlefront III or a sequel to Fallen Order in the works, EA have announced that there will be a new Star Wars title - Star Wars: Squadrons.

Either way, EA Play is sure to have a lot of juicy information for gamers about the future of EA's library.

EA Play 2020 Schedule Prediction

6:45pm ET / 11:45pm BST - Countdown to EA Play

7pm ET / 12am BST - Star Wars Squadrons

7:30pm ET / 12:30am BST - Apex Legends

8pm ET / 1am BST - Madden 21

8:30pm ET / 1:30am BST - FIFA 21

9pm ET / 2am BST - NBA Live 21

9:30pm ET / 2:30am BST - Battlefield 6

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