Genshin Impact 4.7 Livestream Date & Time, What to Expect

A screenshot of Sigewinne from the Genshin Impact Fontaine Archon Quest.
Credit: HoYoverse

A screenshot of Sigewinne from the Genshin Impact Fontaine Archon Quest.
Credit: HoYoverse

Genshin Impact's Version 4.7 will be preceded by a Special Program Livestream, promising a preview of what awaits! As players continue to fawn over the latest 5-star character, Arlecchino, leaks about Version 4.7 have already sparked great excitement within the community, especially with the expected arrivals of Clorinde and Sigewinne.

These Livestreams are a beloved tradition, keeping players informed and eager for upcoming content. The upcoming 4.7 Livestream promises to be no different, revealing the update's official release date, showcasing combat previews of new characters, and more!

4.7 Livestream Expected Date & Time

The Genshin Impact 4.7 Livestream will be broadcast on May 24, 2024, Friday at 1:00 pm BST / 8:00 am EDT.

A screenshot of Clorinde from the Genshin Impact Fontaine Archon Quest.
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Credit: HoYoverse

Here's what that entails for your timezone:

Time zone
4.6 Livestream start time
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
Central Time (CT)
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
British Summer Time (BST)
Central European Summer Time (CEST)
Indian Standard Time (IST)
Hong Kong Time (HKT)| Singapore Time (SGT)
Japan Standard Time (JST) | Korea Standard Time (KST)
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

Where Can I Watch the 4.7 Livestream?

The Version 4.7 Livestream will be broadcast live via Genshin Impact's official Twitch channel and TikTok account.

Can't tune in live? No worries! You have the option to either catch a rerun of the stream exactly an hour later on Genshin's YouTube channel or watch the VOD on both Twitch and YouTube channels.

4.7 Livestream Primogem Redeem Codes

In every Genshin Impact Livestream thus far, players are given the chance to redeem three codes, each granting generous rewards. Based on previous streams, the rewards typically include the following:

  1. US2VLGSXCAT9: Primogems x100, Mystic Enhancement Ore x10
  2. 6A2ULZTFVBCV: Primogems x100, Hero’s Wit x5
  3. BS3DLYAFVAUH: Primogems x100, Mora x50,000

We are aware that the Livestream codes are one of the highly anticipated segments of the streams. After all, who would pass up the opportunity for some Freemos? Knowing this, we will update the codes once the Livestream starts, so stay tuned!

Version 4.7 Highlights

Version 4.7 promises to keep the momentum going after the exciting map expansion and Arlecchino's arrival in Version 4.6! Expect another content-packed update featuring new characters, engaging events, and a continuation of the main storyline.

A glimpse of Sethos from the Genshin Impact 4.6 Livestream.
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Credit: HoYoverse

Alongside the highly awaited banner debut of Clorinde and Sigewinne, Genshin leaker Genshin_Intel has shared an overview for 4.7, to be further explored in the Version 4.7 Livestream:

  • Clorinde (5-star Electro Sword), Sigewinne (5-star Hydro Bow), Sethos (4-star Electro Bow) gameplay showcase
  • Dainsleif makes a return in the Prelude quest
  • 4.7 expected events:
    • Water cannon shooter event
    • Mobs vs Mobs tower defense event
    • Supermario minigame
    • Kill-with-mechanics event
  • TCG card for Wriothesley, Xinyan, Kaveh, Furina, Yunjin
  • Imaginarium Theater (new recurrent endgame game mode)

That's everything we know so far about the upcoming Version 4.7 Livestream for Genshin Impact. It’s important to keep in mind that leaked information can change, so take it with a grain of salt. However, the source for these leaks has a history of accurate predictions regarding Genshin Impact developments!

Interested in learning more about the upcoming 5-star characters? We've got you covered! Here are the full kits and materials farming guides for Clorinde and Sigewinne:

For more about Genshin Impact, discover all that you need to know about the 18 new characters set to be released during the game's Fontaine cycle. Also, the banners for Version 4.7 and beyond have been leaked! Get ahead of the curve and start planning your Primogem savings for your future party members with our character banner schedule here.

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