FIFA 22 Pitch Notes: Title Update #1 alters Goalkeepers & Shots

FIFA 22 Pitch Notes landed early detailing Gameplay, Pro Clubs, Career Mode, VOLTA and Ultimate Team.

In addition, we now have the first Title Update Pitch Notes with details on some changes already heading to FIFA 22.

Latest - Title Update #1 Pitch Notes Revealed

With the first major Title Update landing for FIFA 22, we've finally got official Pitch Notes detailing some of the big changes happening!

As mentioned above, the very first thing these Pitch Notes dive into are Goalkeepers and Top Corner Shots, which are sure to be something many players are looking at.

They've even included two embedded gifs of the goalkeeper reactions prior to and after Title Update #1, along with extra details about High Finesse Shots, Division Rivals Progress UI, and a few other improvements.

You can find the full Pitch Notes here for Title Update #1.

Ultimate Team Launch Pitch Notes released

Knowing that FUT is where most people will be flocking when FIFA 22 drops, EA gave these new Pitch Notes.

They included all the information you need to make the most out of your Early Access experience, as well as a hint towards FUT Heroes progression.

Early Access

During Early Access you will be eligible for this exclusive content:

  • An untradeable 80-84 OVR Player Pick and a 10 game loan Team of the Week (TOTW) player earned via special Early Access Objectives.
  • Team of the Week #1 with boosted Items highlighting the best performing players from the previous week’s footballing action. Plus the first Featured TOTW Item of FUT 22. More on that later.
  • A limited-time Early Access Live FUT Friendly where you can compete for pack rewards

There will also be an exclusive OTW Player SBC, only available during Early Access.

Ones to Watch Secrets

Some OTW cards will be eligible for a 'Wins to Watch' boost, giving them +1 OVR if their team wins 5 out of their next 10 games.

Mini-releases mean there will be more OTW cards than before, with additional cards coming out on Sunday's to add to the respected OTW teams.

If you have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22 you are guaranteed a OTW item, and who it could be depends on when you open it.

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We haven't had confirmation on who will be included in what team, but if Messi, Ronaldo and Lukaku make OTW Team 1, you will want to be opening your pack early.

Performance-Based Programs

To try and keep Team of the Week cards relevant for more of the year, EA has brought in a new feature.

Featured TOTW items have come to the game, which will earn a bigger boost than regular TOTW items.

The base card must be rated 80 OVR or below to qualify for this, and future performance-based cards will use this new rating and add to it.

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FUT Heroes to get upgrades?

Already a new feature, FUT Heroes could have an additional secret identity.

EA confirmed they will be in the game from worldwide launch throughout the entirety of the game.

They have teased that additional versions may also become available, so watch this space.

Preview Packs from the start

After bringing in Preview Packs towards the end of the season, EA will be using them once again.

The Premium Gold Pack and Premium Silver Pack will both have preview versions, so you can check before you buy.

FUT Web App

One of the best ways to stay on top of your FUT squad is by using the FUT Web App.

This will be launching for Web on Wednesday, 22 September, and then Mobile on Thursday, 23 September.

Ultimate Team Pitch Notes Released

The Ultimate Team pitch notes for FIFA 22 have been revealed!

One of the biggest new features coming to Ultimate Team is the overhauled FUT Champions qualification process, along with the points-based rewards system.

fifa 22 ultimate team menus
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REFRESH - The new FUT menus look slick

Another huge change coming to FUT 22 is the new Division Rivals seasonal progression system, with the inclusion of an 'Elite Division' to separate the very best players from the rest.

As we've known for some time now, the exciting new FUT Heroes cards will be entering Ultimate Team in FIFA 22 too.

EA has also made some drastic changes to the FUT menus, stadium customisation and co-op public matchmaking.

Release Schedule

So far, the Gameplay, Pro Clubs, Career Mode and now the Ultimate Team pitch notes have been released by EA, outlining some major changes coming to FIFA 22.

As the first edition of the game specifically designed for next-gen consoles, there are unsurprisingly plenty of exclusive new features.

fifa 22 reveal schedule
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UP NEXT - EA has outlined the reveal schedule

The exclusive next-gen features should largely be limited to gameplay though, so current-gen players can still enjoy some of the exciting additions in the various modes.

Career Mode

The Career Mode pitch notes were revealed on Thursday, 5 August.

One of the biggest new features in FIFA 22 is the create a club in Career Mode, and it looks insane.

There has also been an overhaul to the player career too, with changes to manager approval, in-game objectives, and more.

Another piece of news coming from the Career Mode pitch notes is the confirmation of the Europa Conference League in FIFA 22, great news for Spurs fans!


A new gameplay trailer and deep dive Pitch Notes is available now, giving us another look at FIFA 22 in action.

You can watch the trailer down below:

The Pitch Notes go over what the difference are between the PS4 and Xbox One versions are, how Hypermotion Technology works, and a lot more. You can check them out here.

Many of the new features are designed specifically for next gen consoles, so the game should be epic on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Pro Clubs

With news slowly trickling out about FIFA 22, we've finally gotten a ton of new details about Pro Clubs!

We also got our first look at Female Virtual Pros in the game which is a fantastic new addition.

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SHOP TIL YOU DROP IN - Link up with your pals with ease thanks to this new arrival

This new Pitch Notes release takes a closer look at Pro Clubs in FIFA 22, including drop-ins with friends, player growth, perks, archetypes, team customization, and more!

We've got full details here on what's coming to Pro Clubs and how it could change the game in FIFA 22.

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