FIFA 22: Everything you need to know about this season's game

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FIFA 22 has been relentless this year following its release back in October.

We've had plenty of ratings changes, Pitch Notes and even more promos in Ultimate Team.

With the full game available worldwide, here's everything you need to know about FIFA 22.

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Release Date

EA's latest edition of FIFA was released on Friday, 1 October 2021.

Early Access became available from Monday, 27 September - with the EA Play Trial going live on Wednesday, 22 September.

Rave reviews

Many fans are calling this the best FIFA game ever, and it is easy to see why.

FIFA 22 is the first in franchise history to be fully optimised for next-gen consoles, so it looks insane.

It doesn't just look great though, as there are loads of new features available for both the next-gen and current-gen versions of the game.

FIFA 22 Next-Gen Review (PS5)

FIFA 22 Next-Gen Review (PS4)


You can buy all editions of FIFA 22 from Amazon right here.

The Legacy Edition on Nintendo Switch costs £24.99.

The Standard Edition on PC costs £54.99.

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THE OG - The FIFA 22 Standard Cover is a simplistic sight of the French posterboy

The Standard Edition on PS4 and Xbox One costs £33.99.

The Standard Edition on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S costs £45.

Ultimate Team

The most popular and lucrative mode in the FIFA franchise is Ultimate Team, so this is where EA focuses its efforts.

FUT Champions has been overhauled and optimised to be easier to play and fit around your schedule.

One particular feature has already grabbed the community's attention, with Chelsea legend Joe Cole announced as one of 19 brand-new "FUT Heroes". Check out the new FUT Heroes here.

On top of that, EA released new Pitch Notes.

Find out all the latest news below.

New Pitch Notes

The new Pitch Notes give us a more detailed glimpse at what to expect from FIFA 22, including information on Early Access, OTW, Performance-Based Upgrades, and more.

Make sure to find out what exclusive content is available for FUT Early Access players, how to ensure you have the best chance at getting the OTW player you want, and what the new Featured TOTW player means for ratings.

Career Mode

The Pitch Notes for Career Mode and trailer are available right here.

You can watch the full trailer above, and we've got more details below about all of the confirmed features heading to Career Mode in FIFA 22 this year.

The key components are the all-new Create a Club mode, with Player Career also receiving an overhaul for the first time for the best part of a decade.

Pro Clubs

This Pitch Notes release takes a closer look at Pro Clubs in FIFA 22, including drop-ins with friends, player growth, perks, archetypes, team customization, and more!

We've got full details here on what's coming to Pro Clubs and how it could change the game in FIFA 22.


VOLTA Football was the final game mode to be revealed ahead of FIFA 22, and there are loads of new ways to enjoy your street football this season.

"For FIFA 22, we’ve made VOLTA FOOTBALL all about getting together with friends, and having a great time together.
"We’ve changed our core gameplay to be more rewarding when playing with flair by introducing new skills and an all new Skill Meter system, provided variety and big match moments with Signature Abilities, and created new, limited time Party Game Tournaments with VOLTA ARCADE."

With so many new features, make sure you know everything about FIFA 22 VOLTA.


FIFA 22's spotlight showcase arrived just before this year's EA Play Live.

The developers took us through Hypermotion Technology and what it is bringing to Next Gen consoles this year.

The gameplay trailer and deep dive Pitch Notes arrived soon after, giving us another look at FIFA 22 in action.

The Pitch Notes go over the differences between the PS4 and Xbox One versions, how Hypermotion Technology works, and a lot more.


All the songs in FIFA 22 were confirmed by EA ahead of the full release.

Once again there are two playlists, with VOLTA receiving a longer playlist with a more "gritty underground" vibe.

Check out the FIFA 22 Soundtrack reveal here.

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