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18 Sep 2020

FIFA 22: Release Date, PS5, Xbox Series X, Cover Stars, New Features & more

FIFA 22: Release Date, PS5, Xbox Series X, Cover Stars, New
Features & more

Although FIFA 21 hasn't yet been released, we can look towards what FIFA 22 may have in store for us.

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Release Date

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PS5 & Xbox Series X

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Cover Stars

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New Features

Although FIFA 21 hasn't been released yet, we can look towards what FIFA 22 may have in store for us.

Release Date

We don't yet know for sure when FIFA 22 will officially be released, but we can have a pretty accurate guess.

fifa 21 gameplay reveal

BE CREATIVE: Use directed runs in FIFA 21 to take control of the runs your teammates make

FIFA 22 will likely be released between Friday, 24 September and Friday, 8 October, 2021.

PS5 & Xbox Series X

By the time FIFA 22 is released, many of us will be playing on Next Gen consoles.

PS5 price

NEXT GEN: When will you bite the bullet and purchase a Next Gen console?

FIFA 21 will arrive with new features on Next Gen consoles, including incredibly fast loading times, and immersive stadium atmospheres, but what could FIFA 22 look like on Next Gen?

FIFA 22 on PS5 and Xbox Series X could bring us the most realistic esports game ever.

With enhanced graphics and meticulous attention to detail, will we even know the difference between FIFA and real life football?

Cover Stars

Liverpool golden boy, Trent-Alexander Arnold could be the new Cover Star of FIFA 22.

career mode trent alexander arnold fifa 21

LIVERPOOL LAD: Could we see Trent as the Cover Star of FIFA 22?

The local wonderkid has already won a Champions League and a Premier League, at the age of just 21.

Plus, Liverpool's long term partnership with EA may increase Trent's chances of featuring as the FIFA 22 poster boy.

New Features

FIFA 22 will definitely bring us brand new features, so what can we expect to see?

2022 FIFA World Cup

2022 will see Qatar host the World Cup, it will be the first World Cup ever to be held in the Arab world.

fifa 18 world cup mode

ALLEZ LES BLEUS: Could France retain the World Cup in 2022?

EA are set to create a World Cup game mode in FIFA 22, as they did in FIFA 18, however could we see a different style of game mode?

We could see a first online World Cup Tournament mode in FIFA 22.

This would allow you to play with any nation against other online opponents, and compete for the ultimate prize in football.


FIFA 22 will also bring us a brand new batch of ICONs.

fifa 21 throne cantona card

LEGENDS: Who will we see return to the game as an ICON in FIFA 22?

Could we see some legendary players retire and re-enter the game as ICONs?

Andres Iniesta and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for example, could end their careers at the end of this campaign and will almost definitely be approached by EA.

Could The Journey be returning in FIFA 22?

As of now, there are no plans for The Journey to return in FIFA 21, so could we see it back next year?

THE JOURNEY: Live life on and off the pitch as a rising star in football

A brand new set of characters and personalities, along with a change of environment could bring excitement back to the game mode.

Or could Hunter and Williams return in some capacity in FIFA 22, to satisfy those who fell in love with the characters.

New Promo Packs in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 will definitely bring us some different types of packs and player picks.

fifa 21 pack opening

PACK OPENING: Will you get lucky?

The most expensive pack in FUT 20 was the Ultimate Pack, for 125k coins, so could we see a 150k, or even a 200k pack in FIFA 22?