Overhauled FUT Champs qualification system is on its way in FIFA 22

EA has announced that FUT Champions in FIFA 22 will be completely different, with an overhauled qualifyication process and a points based rewards system.

So, check out what we know so far about the Weekend League in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team below.

FUT Champs qualification changes

FUT Champions in FIFA 22 will be a two-tier qualification system that is designed to work around the players' schedules.

It starts off with the 'FUT Champions Play-Offs' throughout the week, with a chance to qualify for the 'FUT Champions Finals' at the weekend.

Check out the official FUT 22 trailer below.

The FUT Champions Finals will now be a points-based system, rather than competing for a certain number of wins.

During the trailer above, the developer says there will be some of the 'best rewards on offer in FUT'.

So, this begs the question, will FUT Champs rewards be the same as previous years or will EA be changing that too?

The trailer then goes on to talk about the hotly anticipated FUT Heroes coming to FIFA 22.

Shortened Weekend League

It has been widely reported that the Weekend League will now be made up of 20 games in FIFA 22, rather than 30.

Despite not being officially confirmed in EA's latest FUT 22 trailer, it was stated that there will be a 'shortened' FUT Champions in the form of the Finals at the weekend.

Of course, you will need to qualify for the shortened Weekend League through Division Rivals and the FUT Champs Play-Offs, but you can do this with your own free time throughout the week!

This news is hardly surprising, with many avid FIFA players complaining that they were no longer enjoying the 30 game slog in FIFA 21 Weekend League.

Stat analysis & match replays

@FUTZONECENTRAL on Twitter has reported that changes are also coming to the tactical side of FUT Champs.

It looks like a new Weekend League stat analysis system is on its way, where you will be able to check your clean sheets, goals scored and goals conceded, along with your win/loss ratio.

You will also be able to watch and analyse your own match replays in the FUT Champs channel section!

It must be noted that these are just leaks at the moment and have not yet been officially confirmed by EA, despite FUTZone being reliable when it comes to FIFA 22 news.

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