Pro Clubs deep dive reveals new Player Growth and Perks for FIFA 22

We were teased this week with some Pro Clubs information as EA confirmed that Female Virtual Pros would be available in FIFA 22.

However, the full details for FIFA 22 Pro Clubs are out now with an in-depth pitch notes outlining several exciting new features.

Female players arrive

Finally, you will be able to play as a woman in Pro Clubs on FIFA 22.

We also get a sneak peak at player stats in the above reveal.

Pro Clubs Deep Dive

With so much going on in Pro Clubs this season, let's dive right in and take a closer look at the full Pitch Notes.


Last year we were faced with the problem of being one-club players as you could only represent one club at a time.

However, this season that has all changed as you can play with friends that are not in your club with the new Drop-In feature.

fifa 22 pro clubs drop-in
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IN AND OUT - You can now drop-in to games and not have to leave your club
"The new Drop-In experience allows you to squad up with up to 4 friends, or recent teammates, prior to searching for a Drop-In match.
"With this change, there is now a way to to earn XP for your Pro, while playing with your Club teammates, but without it impacting your Club record. "
You can also play with friends from other Clubs without having to leave your Club."

This looks like a quick and easy way to join a game with your friends, without all the drama of the Pro Clubs lobby!

Player Growth

This season it won't matter what sort of match you are playing, you will earn XP for your pro and keep improving.

On top of this, the new in-depth match data will show you more details on your performance including a detailed breakdown of all actions performed and the total XP earned.


Along with the usual XP, you can improve your Pro with the all-new Perks.

"Every Virtual Pro starts with one Perk Slot unlocked, which can be filled with one of 3 starter Perks.
"From there, you’ll earn at least one new Perk per level, and you’ll unlock additional Perk Slots at level 9 and level 19.
fifa 22 pro clubs perks
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FILL YOUR BOOTS - There are up to three perk slots to fill
"This means that when your Virtual Pro reaches its max level, you’ll be able to choose from up to 26 different Perks to equip in your 3 Perk Slots."

The perks are split into four categories; Attacking, Chance Creation, Defensive, and Goalkeeper.

Whatever your positional preference, there will be something for you.


Another new addition to Pro Clubs this season are Archetypes which will provide significant attribute increases depending on your Pro's play style.

"Archetypes are acquired through Skill Points, made available at the end of a skill tree branch.
"You can equip up to 3 Archetypes, depending on how you decide to allocate your Skill Points."

We are not sure what these will be yet, but it is one to keep an eye out for.

Team Customization

Just like last season, EA is bringing more custom options to Pro Clubs.

Customisable in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs:

  • Kit & Crest
  • Ball
  • Home Stadium
  • Club Nickname (Commentary Name)
  • Tifo
  • Stadium Theme (Banners)
  • Stadium Colour
  • Seat Colour
  • Pitch Line Colour
  • Pitch Wear
  • Pitch Colour
  • Pitch Pattern
  • Net Pattern
  • Net Shape
  • Net Meshing
  • Goal Song
  • Crowd Chants
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