WATCH NOW as FIFA 22's Gameplay Deep Dive & Trailer is revealed

A fresh FIFA 22 trailer has dropped alongside the first set of Pitch Notes for the year as EA give us a deep dive into the new gameplay.

We had already seen some of the FIFA 22 Gameplay but now we have the full official gameplay trailer and details to accompany it.

Latest news - Pitch Notes out now

EA has released the full details for the FIFA 22 gameplay alongside the official trailer.

Hypermotion Technology is the talk of the town, but there are loads of awesome new additions to the game too.

Take a look through the full FIFA 22 Gameplay Pitch Notes.

Gameplay Trailer

You can watch the official Gameplay Trailer right here.


If you haven't seen it already (where have you been!) check out the official trailer below.

The reveal trailer has fans hyped for the upcoming release, featuring cover star Kylian Mbappe and top talents Trent Alexander-Arnold and Christian Pulisic.

The trailer gives us an idea of how EA will Hypermotion Technology to implement real-life player movements into FIFA 22 gameplay.

Next Gen Gameplay Reveal

We have now had our first look at gameplay on Next Gen consoles for FIFA 22 - with EA showcasing Hypermotion Technology ahead of EA Play Live.

Hypermotion will only feature on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S so unlike last year, expect a very different feel between those platforms and PS4 and Xbox One.

Things to watch out for

Referring to the official gameplay - here's a couple of things we need EA to explain further:

1. Goalkeepers - aesthetic or gamechanger?

One aspect we can't wait to see unfold is the new goalkeeper animations - like watching the ball as it flies past them.

We want to know if this is just an aesthetic touch or will actually affect the outcomes of matches.

2. Sprint boost concerns

Something we have already discussed, the new "explosive sprint" mechanic could cause havoc in FIFA 22 - especially with fast players in Ultimate Team.

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SEE YA - Good luck stopping sharp players dart past you

It allows you to touch the ball past your opponent and boost past them, although defenders will also be able to use this new addition.

3. New skill moves

Leaks following the beta suggested a few new skill moves will be arriving, and we want to know more about them!

Some fans think how skill moves currently work is a touch redundant, and perhaps a move away from the star rating is necessary.

4. Set piece adjustments?

Despite the deep dive, we didn't get an EA classic of how set pieces will work on the upcoming game.

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PENALTY HEARTBREAK - Surely this mechanic needs to go

Penalties are way too difficult, and are effectively pot-luck - whilst free kicks could do with some more work.

5. Any sort of hope for PS4 and Xbox One

The big one. We've had an entire showcase on Next Gen gameplay, but what about PS4 and Xbox One?

You'd imagine that the gameplay will be very similar to FIFA 21 on the previous generation of consoles, but fans will want to see at least some new arrivals on those platforms.

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