Early Access games will be sweatier than ever in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Another of EA's reveals has arrived with the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team trailer available now.

While not many few new features were unveiled, there has been significant changes made to the competitive game modes.

This looks like it could cause some serious competition early in the FIFA cycle, making qualifying matches tougher than ever before.

Rivals overhaul

Let's start off with EA's statement regarding their changes to Division Rivals in FUT 22.

"For FIFA 22 we’ve overhauled Division Rivals. We’re introducing a new seasonal progression system, along with the Elite Division, a new space for the best FUT players in the world to compete in."
fut 22 rivals hub
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RIVALS HUB - The new layout for Rivals looks great

The changes made aim to improve on these aspects of the game.

  • Provide more transparent progression so you know where you stand in a Division and what you need to do to earn promotion and rewards.
  • Reduce weekly match requirements and provide new ways to earn rewards for playing at the level you’re comfortable with.
  • Create a competitive environment for top players with the new Elite Division and leaderboard.
  • Keep the Division Rivals experience feeling fresh throughout the year with the introduction of Seasons.

With that in mind, what will make the early weeks of FUT 22 so difficult?

Sweat city

The following statement in EA's FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Pitch Notes has sent shivers down our spine!

"All players start in Division 10, immediately aiming to make progress towards higher Ranks and Divisions while earning Weekly Rewards.
"With this change, Placement Matches have been removed from Division Rivals alongside the placement route through Squad Battles."
season rewards fut 22
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LEVEL UP - The new system shows clearly your progress

All players start in Division 10! Uh oh. Even if we manage to avoid any of the top-level FUT players early on, we could still meet them at any stage along the way.

At least in the seeding games we took our hammerings and were placed at a level we were able to compete at after five games.

For the best of the best though, the Elite Division will be the goal, and that will separate the pros from the rest of us.

Elite Division

For the very best competitive players, the Elite Division will separate you from the rest.

With no relegation or resetting of ranks, the Elite Division is where the best FUT players can compete consistently against one another.

All players in the Elite Division are Ranked, based on their Skill Rating, with the top 200 appearing on the Global Leaderboard.

Once you’ve made it to the Elite Division, you will remain there throughout the rest of the current Season.

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