Player Career given MAJOR overhaul in FIFA 22 Career Mode

EA has now revealed the full pitch notes for FIFA 22 Career Mode, and there are some major changes to Player Career.

Some of these new features have been much needed for a long time so it will be great to finally see them in action.

Take a closer look at the new features coming to Player Career this season.

Super Sub

Something Player Career has been crying out for is the ability to come off the bench.

"A new addition to FIFA 22 Player Career is the ability to come into the match from the bench. Our aim was to deliver the experience of a young prospect climbing the ranks to the starting lineup."
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SUB IN - Join the game and make the difference

Some of the most iconic goals in footballing history have been scored by subs, like Mario Gotze in the 2014 World Cup Final and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in Manchester United's treble-winning season.

"Once you’ve made your way to the subs bench, you’ll be able to jump into the next match from the moment in which your Manager decides to sub you in. This will be showcased in the prematch launcher, where you can choose to either play the remainder of the match or sim past it."

Coming off the bench will still come with match objectives.

These have been given a revamp too which you can see below.

Manager's approval

In all walks of life it helps to have the boss on your side, just ask Gareth Bale...

The new manager rating system shows you your manager's belief in you as a player and member of the squad.

"You’ll start your career as a bench player, with the manager giving you reduced minutes to impress them. If you complete the objectives set for you, your Pro will start to see increased playing time, potentially breaking into the starting 11."
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PARCHED - Get on the manager's good side for more minutes

Performing poorly and not meeting objectives will see your rating getting dropped, resulting in you getting dropped too.

"Training will allow you to get back in for a chance at redemption but if you constantly fail to make the squad, you may ultimately end up transfer listed. Your Pro’s overall rating determines if they will be put up for a transfer or a loan."

Competition for places will be more fierce in bigger clubs too, so your margin for error is far less.

The Manager Rating system is also in place for your relationship with your nation’s international manager.

Match Objectives

The match objectives in Player Career have been given a complete overhaul, so they should be more meaningful this season.

The official notes read as follows:

1. Your playing position.

  • If the formation of the team doesn’t include your preferred position, such as the CAM position in a 4-4-2 formation, the manager will look at your qualities in other areas of the pitch to determine which position will be best for you.

2. The quality of your team compared to the opposition.

  • While things start off easy in pre-season, you could receive objectives of a higher difficulty range based on the quality of the opposition, or if you’re playing against a rival club.

3. The formation your team is using compared to the one of the opposition.

  • If you’re a striker facing a strong defensive force in a 5-4-1 formation you can have a harder time scoring compared to a 3-4-3 formation, and FIFA 22 acknowledges that. The game also acknowledges your squad’s formation. If you’re the lone forward in the squad without a striker partner, you won’t receive any objectives to make assists.

This system works whether you start the game or come on as a sub, so it should provide realistic goals for you to hit.

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