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FIFA 22 Career Mode could receive online overhaul next season

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Career Mode is for the FIFA purists, but the currently 'offline' game mode still needs some love ahead of FIFA 22.


It could be about to get it too with the latest news surfacing that an online Career Mode is in the works at EA HQ.

We look at what could be arriving for FIFA 22.

Latest news - Madden 22 Cover Athlete

The reveal was sent out via the official EA Madden NFL Twitter account, and it wasn't exactly subtle.

In the video seen above, and based on the content of the tweet, they're playing heavily into the "GOAT" imagery as Manning is seen by many to have that status.

They also included former longtime NFL running back Peyton Hillis, seemingly just to tease the "it's Peyton" moment with a different Peyton.


The reveal included a time and date, Thursday, 17 June, 2021 at 10am ET / 3pm BST, which may be when we'll finally get confirmation of Madden 22 and their choice (or choices) for cover athlete.

Could this hint at a change in tact for FIFA too, or will EA stick with their young ambassadors?

Release Date

The release of FIFA 21 was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but we don’t expect the same to happen with FIFA 22.

We are expecting FIFA 22 to be released in mid-to-late September.

Our first taste of the new game could be the FIFA 22 Demo.

Early access

There will likely be several ways to get your FIFA 22 journey up and running pre-release with early access.

The most obvious way is the demo, or if you are lucky enough you may be invited to beta test the game.


Pre-ordering the game also brings some perks which can include an early release.

If you are an Ultimate Team fan, then the FUT Web App is a must as you can take control of your team up to 10 days before release.

Career Mode

FIFA Career Mode has been neglected in the past as Ultimate Team has taken over, however, EA did make some improvements last season.

The new player development and academy systems are much better, although not the finished product.

fifa 21 career mode player growth
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TRAINING DAY - Player growth is a big step forward

It still feels as though the game mode is a bit shallow, with no storylines or back story just yet.

We know it is impossible to replicate the detail of Football Manager, but there is certainly a more immersive option that EA could explore.


Online Career Mode

It looks like we could have our first new feature revealed ahead of FIFA 22 after a job description on EA's site mentions an 'online Career Mode'.

The classic game mode has needed a revamp for some time now to try and keep up with the popularity of Ultimate Team, and this could be it.

Take a look at what could come in a potential FIFA 22 Online Career Mode.


Take a look at three things we want changing or to be improved on FIFA 22 Career Mode.


One thing we have been wanting for years is the ability to add more levels of customisation.

From kits to new sponsorship deals, more involvement in the running of the club would be a welcome addition to the game.

fifa career mode concept kit custom
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CONCEPT - We saw this last year so could it happen this time around

Being able to update the kits with competition badges and numbers is a must as it just looks silly with the Football League badge in the Champions League final…

We can create kits on Pro Clubs, so why not in other game modes?



Another key area we want to see improved is the storylines developed through press conferences and player communication.

These are still painfully repetitive, vague and quite often inaccurate.

Your answers seem to have little bearing on the game either, so it does feel like an add-on that has been forgotten about.

Having your personality shine through on Career Mode would give a more immersive feel to the game and create new problems to solve too.

Jump In

It would be great to be able to ‘jump in’ to Career Mode at the current point of the season.

Say your club has got off to a poor start to the season in real life, can you guide them to safety on FIFA 21?

fifa career mode match screen
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JUMP IN - You can jump in games so why not seasons

Scenario-type setups could be an exciting new way to start career mode.

This could also lead to a more career-led mode, where you must earn the right to manage the big clubs by earning your stripes elsewhere.


Closed Beta

There are often some bugs and kinks that need ironing out during the Closed Beta, but that's what it is for.

FIFA players will be invited to join in the beta based on the game modes they have played throughout the previous year.

You will be asked to provide feedback to help EA perfect the game ahead of release.

The game modes involved this year should include Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and VOLTA, so keep an eye out in your emails.

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