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FIFA’s most popular mode needs work ahead of FIFA 22

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We are already looking ahead to FIFA 22, with it set to be the first in the series to be fully optimized for next-gen consoles.


We are expecting the game to arrive in late September, although no official release date has been confirmed yet.

The most popular game will once more be Ultimate Team, but what does EA have in store for us on FIFA 22?

Latest news - Online Career Mode

It looks like we could have our first new feature revealed ahead of FIFA 22 after a job description on EA's site mentions an 'online Career Mode'.

The classic game mode has needed a revamp for some time now to try and keep up with the popularity of Ultimate Team, and this could be it.

Take a look at what could come in a potential FIFA 22 Online Career Mode.

With the revamp to Career Mode supposedly in the works, EA could have something new and exciting for Ultimate Team too.

Match Modes

We can’t see EA making sweeping changes to the match modes, but they could use some tinkering.

Division Rivals

Arguably the most competitive game mode, we don’t think Division Rivals (and Weekend League) needs changing too much.

rodrygo fifa 21 next gen graphics
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SUPERSTAR - Rodrygo is likely to play a role in many FUT promos to come

The FUT community would love better rewards, but the mode itself is solid as is. Adjustments to the co-op objectives would take the mode to new heights.

Squad Battles

For those who prefer to play online, it can be monotonous and time consuming, especially when trying to complete objectives.

This is another mode that needs the injection of co-op in its objectives to become a really enjoyable FUT mode.


FUT Friendlies

EA has started to use FUT Friendlies for their objectives, and so far, we have loved it.

Having to assemble new teams has actually been refreshing from the meta squads we see on a weekly basis, although some of the ‘score in x number of games’ objectives have created new issues.


We saw the FUT 100 introduced on FIFA 21, and with the addition of David Beckham there are now 101 legendary players available in Ultimate Team.

We want to see more added too, and we think Wayne Rooney has a great chance of being included after his transition into management.

fifa 21 ultimate team fut 100
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100 UP - There are now over 100 legends in the game

There are plenty of other players who could be included too. After the likes of Xavi and Fernando Torres were added to FIFA 21, we have high expectations.

Take a closer look at potential FIFA 22 Icons.


Icon Leak

Seven legends of football have been 'leaked' ahead of FIFA 22.

It is rumoured that these players will be returning to the game as Icon players in Ultimate Team.

We would love this to be true as the seven players named are deserving of a place among the Icon elite.

Take a look at the potential new FIFA 22 Icons including Spanish maestro Xabi Alonso.


Probably the most disappointing aspect of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

There were high hopes for co-op when it was introduced this season, but the lack of objectives available to complete in the mode has been dreadful.

If the Squad Battles, Rivals, and even FUT Friendly objectives were all available to complete while in co-op mode then the FUT community would be much happier.

To be fair to EA this has now changed, leaving plenty of room for growth in co-op as we believe it will go from strength to strength.



Will we be able to play cross-gen on FIFA 22?

We hope so. Next-gen consoles have been hard to come by, so crossplay is almost a necessity if you want to play with your friends.

fifa 21 next gen graphics
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CRISP PICTURE - The graphics on next gen consoles are incredible

Yes, you can still play with them when playing the current-gen version of the game, but fingers crossed for better this year.

We don’t expect cross-platform play just yet on FIFA as it would play havoc with the FUT transfer market.


FUT Web App

One of the best ways to stay on top of your FUT squad is by using the FUT Web App.

Buy and sell players on the go in this easy-to-use app, as well as manage your squads. It can save you bags of time fiddling about in-game.

RealSport Wishlist

EA has livened up Ultimate Team in recent seasons, and the introduction of co-op on FUT 21 caused great excitement.

We hope that the game does see some improvements on FIFA 22 though, and we have put together a wishlist of seven features we want on FUT 22.

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