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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Rulebreakers follows on from Road to the Knockouts

FIFA 22 has been out for over a month and we are now into the third promo event in Ultimate Team.

As ever, the FUT Web App is available too, allowing you to keep track of your Ultimate Team on the go.

For everything you need to know about FUT 22, continue below.

Latest - Rulebreakers underway

Once again there is no proper Halloween event in Ultimate Team, with Rulebreakers continuing for another season.

Team 1 was released on Friday, 29 October and it included some incredible cards.

Top players like Erling Haaland and Casemiro now have boosted attributes in areas that they were weak before, but it is at the expense of some of their other attributes!

Keep an eye out for Team 2 later in the event.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Trailer

Performance-Based TOTW Programs

To try and keep Team of the Week cards relevant for more of the year, EA has brought in a new feature.

Featured TOTW items have come to the game, which will earn a bigger boost than regular TOTW items.

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The base card must be rated 80 OVR or below to qualify for this, and future performance-based cards will use this new rating and add to it.

FUT Web App

One of the best ways to stay on top of your FUT squad is by using the FUT Web App.

The image of the FUT 22 Web app for FIFA 22
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LOG IN NOW: The FUT 22 Web App is ready for you to download!

Buy and sell players on the go in this easy-to-use app, as well as manage your squads. It can save you bags of time fiddling about in-game.

The app is available on iOS/iPhone/App Store and Andriod for you to download and get logged in today!

Match Modes

We can’t see EA making sweeping changes to the match modes, but they could use some tinkering.

Division Rivals & FUT Champions

For those who play competitively in Ultimate Team, Division Rivals FUT Champs will feel much less of a slog.

rodrygo fifa 21 next gen graphics
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SUPERSTAR - Rodrygo is likely to play a role in many FUT promos to come

FUT fits around your schedule this year, with the qualification process overhauled.

Squad Battles

For those who prefer to play online, it can be monotonous and time-consuming, especially when trying to complete objectives.

This is another mode that needs the injection of co-op in its objectives to become a really enjoyable FUT mode.

FUT Friendlies

EA has started to use FUT Friendlies for their objectives, and so far, we have loved it.

Having to assemble new teams has actually been refreshing from the meta squads we see on a weekly basis, although some of the ‘score in x number of games’ objectives have created new issues.


We saw the FUT 100 introduced on FIFA 21, and with the addition of David Beckham there were 101 legendary players available in Ultimate Team.

Four new players have arrived this season, as well as 19 brand-new FUT Heroes!

fifa 21 ultimate team fut 100
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100 UP - There are now over 100 legends in the game

Cafu, Iker Casillas, Robin van Persie, and Wayne Rooney are the new faces in the game, and they are all epic!

Take a closer look at the FIFA 22 Icons.

FUT Heroes to get upgrades?

Already a new feature, FUT Heroes could have an additional secret identity.

EA confirmed they will be in the game from worldwide launch throughout the entirety of the game.

fut 22 heroes premier league
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I NEED A HERO - New card types are coming for FUT 22

They have teased that additional versions may also become available, so watch this space.

Check out the new FUT Heroes here.

Serie A integration

EA has announced an exclusive partnership with Italy's Serie A, meaning 14 of the Italian top-flight will be exclusive to FIFA 22.

Integration with Ultimate Team will also arrive, meaning we will see Serie A POTM items for the first time.

Preview Packs from the start

After bringing in Preview Packs towards the end of the season, EA will be using them once again.

The Premium Gold Pack and Premium Silver Pack will both have preview versions, so you can check before you buy.

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