Europa Conference League arriving in FIFA 22 later this season

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The Europa Conference League will be introduced to the footballing world from the 2021-22 season, and we will see it in FIFA 22 as well.

UEFA is bringing in a third-tier of European competition that will run concurrently with the current Europa League on a Thursday night.

Find out all about the new competition and what we can expect to see on FIFA 22 below.

Latest news - Conference League confirmed

EA has placed an emphasis on authenticity for FIFA 22 Career Mode, and we will have a new competition to compete in.

"Whether you want to be a manager or a player, we know you are passionate about authenticity, so we’ll keep holding the bar high with the inclusion of the UEFA Europa Conference League as well as other additions which will be announced at a later date."

What are these other additions? We will have to wait and see.

What is the Europa Conference League?

The idea behind the third-tier competition is to grant opportunities for European football to clubs who struggle to qualify for the current competitions.

This is aimed at some of the smaller nations, but there is one spot open to English clubs.

The new system for European competitions will see at least 34 UEFA nations represented in the group stage of one of the competitions.

The five major European leagues have all been granted one slot in the tournament, but the likes of Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, and Scotland have received two.


One team from the Premier League qualifies for the competition, with Tottenham Hotspur the inaugural members having finished as the league's seventh-placed team.

Spurs will enter the Europa Conference League at the Play-Off round.

The first leg of the Play-Off round is due to take place on Thursday, 19 August, with the second leg the following week.

Ultimate Team

We have seen various Champions League (UCL) and Europa League (UEL) cards released in Ultimate Team in the past couple of seasons, so it would be no surprise to see some for the new competition too.

It is unlikely we will see any standard cards as we currently don't see any Europa League ones.

son fut 22
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NEW FACES - The tournament should offer fresh opportunities in FUT 22

However, Road to the Final (RTTF), Team of the Tournament (TOTT), and Man of the Match (MOTM) cards are all well within reason.

As it is the first-ever time the competition will take place, could EA have something special up their sleeves?

Career Mode

EA has secured the licenses to the Champions League and Europa League for the next three years, so this partnership with UEFA will extend to the Europa Conference League too.

We have seen some real effort put into the matchday experience for Champions League games in Career Mode, so we hope that extends into the third-tier competition.

fifa 21 champions league matchday
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MATCHDAY - There is nothing quite like the Champions League feeling

With this news we will have another fully licensed tournament to play when FIFA 22 Career Mode comes around.

This should also open up new opportunities for new clubs to be added to the game should they qualify.

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