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22 Mar 2021

Changes could be made to FIFA’s most sociable mode

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Release Date

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FIFA 21 Pro Clubs

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We are expecting FIFA 22 to be incredible this year, and Pro Clubs is one of the game modes we are most excited for.

EA added some extra custom options on FIFA 21, but we want more from a mode that promises so much.

Find out more below.

Release Date

FIFA 22 will likely be released in late September, with no delays expected this year.

We are yet to have an official release date confirmed, but that should arrive in the coming months.

We may also be lucky enough to have a FIFA 22 Demo this year after last years was cancelled.

This will only be the basic game and far from the finished product, but we still can’t wait to see our first glimpse of the game.

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs

We did see some new features introduced on FIFA 21 Pro Clubs, with customisation the key.

Being able to create your own custom AI players is a nice touch, but once that has been done there is actual little else to shout about.

fifa 21 pro clubs custom AI
YOUR TEAM - You can create all your AI squad members

Extra control over your tactics was also introduced, with up to five pre-set tactics now available.

What EA add to the game in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs we will have to wait and see.


Will we see crossplay introduced on FIFA 22? Currently we can only play Pro Clubs on the same consoles.

For those of us lucky enough to have secured a next gen console you can currently play with your friends on the current gen consoles, but only by playing the current gen version of FIFA.

joao felix fifa next gen graphics
NEXT UP - Joao Felix is one of FIFA's ambassadors

We hope to experience the full power of next gen gaming whilst also being able to play with players using current gen consoles.

Cross-platform may be a stretch for this FIFA, but we can still hope.


We want more. For starters, the formation bug this year highlighted the neglect from EA towards the game mode. It took far too long for this bug to be fixed despite the problem being so trivial.

In the actual game mode itself, we would love to see more competition in both cup competitions and in the league matches.

What’s after Division 1? Once that has been won the game falls flat for your club. Some more variation and meaning to the competitions would be great.

More club detail, including images of success to be accessible would also be a nice touch, as well as some more in-depth stats.

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