FIFA 22 Pro Clubs: The best player builds and everything else you need to know

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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs is a brilliant game mode to jump on with your mates and band together to battle through divisions.

It will really test your ability to work together as a team, with each member controlling a single player on the pitch.

Find out all the latest news about FIFA 22 Pro Clubs below, including all the changes and latest Pitch Notes.

Player Build Tips

One of the key aspects of Pro Clubs is designing the right player build, with the height and weight of your Virtual Pro impacting their on-field attributes.

You can check out a general overview and a simple guide for building the best meta players for each position right here.

If you're after a more in-depth view then why not check out our maximum pace striker build, or our dominating box-to-box midfielder.

Using these guides as a starting point you can then finesse your player build to suit your play style, and be topping the divisions in no time!

Pro Clubs Pitch Notes

Plenty arrived in the Pro Clubs Pitch Notes.


The new Drop-In feature allows you to squad up with just four friends or recent teammates, prior to searching for a Drop-In match.

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SHOP TIL YOU DROP IN - Link up with your pals with ease thanks to this new arrival

You can also play with friends from other Clubs without having to leave your Club.

You will select your Play Style before the match, which will determine your preferred position.

Player Growth

In Pro Clubs, you can play and earn experience (XP) in all matches, except for Practice ones.

So whether you’re playing Drop-In, League, Cup, or strictly Friendly matches against rival Clubs, you’ll keep on growing your Virtual Pro to the max level of 25.


Perks are a new way to improve your Virtual Pro, allowing you to refine your Play Style further.

Every Virtual Pro starts with one Perk Slot unlocked, which can be filled with one of three starter Perks.

From there, you’ll earn at least one new Perk per level, and you’ll unlock additional Perk Slots at level 9 and level 19.

his means that when your Virtual Pro reaches its max level, you’ll be able to choose from up to 26 different Perks to equip in your three Perk Slots.

Attacking Perks

  • Distance Shooter - Increases accuracy and power from long-distance shots. Includes Finesse Shot trait and 5-star Weak Foot.
  • One Time Shot - Increases finishing ability for one time shots or headers. Grants Finesse Shot and Power Header traits and increases Weak Foot
  • Set Piece Beacon - Increases Heading Attributes from Set Pieces (Free Kick, Corner Kick, Throw In) for 5 seconds and includes Power Header Trait.
  • Clutch Finisher - Increases shooting Attributes during the final 15 minutes and extra time. Inclides Finesse Shot and Power Header Traits and increases Weak Foot.
  • Hot Streak - Shooting Attributes boosted for 15 mins after scoring. Includes Finesse Shot and Power Header Traits and increases Weak Foot.
  • Quick Reply - Shooting Attributes boosted 15 mins after conceding. Includes Finesse Shot and Power Header Traits and increases Weak Foot.

Chance Creation Perks

  • Assist Streak - Boosts Passing Attributes 15 mins after assisting and includes Swerve Pass trait.
  • Skilled Dribbler - Increases dribbling and skill moves when dribbling and includes Flair trait.
  • Set Piece Specialist - Increases ability for set pieces. Includes Giant Throw In and Set Play Specialist Trait.
  • Active First Touch - Increases ball control, acceleration, and sprint speed after a first touch.
  • Threaded Pass - Increases through-pass and lofted through-pass accuracy (Vision) Includes Swerve trait and 5-star Weak Foot.
  • Precision Pass - Increases normal pass accuracy and speed (Short Pass + Long Pass) and includes Swerve trait and 5-star Weak Foot ability.
  • Tireless Runner - Grants Second Wind and Solid Player traits.
  • Pinpoint Cross - Increases crossing accuracy and ability and includes Swerve trait and a 5-star Weak Foot.

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PERKED OUT - The new Perks will add a fresh layer to Pro Clubs this year

Defensive Perks

  • Defensive Closer - Increases defending attributes in the final 15 mins + extra time.
  • Last Defender - Increases defending attributes when you are the last player back.
  • Lock Down - Defending attributes boosted for 15 mins after your team scores.
  • Cool Head - Defending attributes boosted for a short time (15 mins) after your team concedes.
  • Ball Winner - Boosts jockey speed and increases tackling ability.
  • Physical Strength - Boosted strength, ball control, and jumping when jostling, shielding, or heading.

Goalkeeper Perks

  • GK Clutch Save - GK Attributes boosted in final 15 mins + extra time.
  • GK Fast Rush - GK speed boosted when GK is sprinting or rushing.
  • GK Quick Reflex - GK reflexes and reactions boosted when saving.
  • GK One on One - GK abilities boosted in one vs one situations for 5 seconds.
  • GK Far Reach - Good at saving Distance Shots.
  • GK Set Piece Expert - GK Attributes boosted during Set Pieces (Penalty Kick, Free Kick, Corner Kick, Throw In)


Also new to FIFA 22 are Archetypes, significant Attribute increases that help you create, customise and secure your Virtual Pro’s identity on the pitch.

Archetypes are acquired through Skill Points, made available at the end of a skill tree branch.

You can equip up to three Archetypes, depending on how you decide to allocate your Skill Points.

Team Customisation

The customisation that we saw in FIFA Ultimate Team last year now arrives in Pro Clubs.

In FIFA 22, Club Managers will be able to customise the following:

  • Kit & Crest
  • Ball
  • Home Stadium
  • Club Nickname (Commentary Name)
  • Tifo
  • Stadium Theme (Banners)
  • Stadium Colour
  • Seat Colour
  • Pitch Line Colour
  • Pitch Wear
  • Pitch Colour
  • Pitch Pattern
  • Net Pattern
  • Net Shape
  • Net Meshing
  • Goal Song
  • Crowd Chants

Female players arrive

Finally, you will be able to play as a woman in Pro Clubs on FIFA 22.

We also get a sneak peak at player stats in the above reveal.


You can buy all editions of FIFA 22 from Amazon right here.

The Legacy Edition on Nintendo Switch costs £25.00 / $25.00.

The Standard Edition on PC costs £54.99.

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THE OG - The FIFA 22 Standard Cover is a simplistic sight of the French posterboy

The Standard Edition on PS4 and Xbox One costs £34.00 / $34.00.

The Standard Edition on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S costs £45.00 / $45.00.

The Ultimate Edition on PlayStation Xbox consoles, featuring Dual Entitlement, costs £89.99 / $99.99.

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