FIFA 22 Gameplay: Loads of BRILLIANT new features have arrived this year

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We saw several FIFA 22 deep dives in the build up to the new game, and now it's here!

Well, it is here for those entitled to early access, but that still counts.


There is not long now until the full launch though, so we'll run through the details of the gameplay Pitch Notes and everything else we know about FIFA 22's new features.

FIFA 22 1v1 Gameplay

The match between Tekkz and Tom Hashtag Tom kicked off at 4pm BST (11am EST) on Thursday, September 2nd.

You can catch the full video stream below:

Spencer Owen commentates brilliantly on the game between the two pros, making it a fun and interesting event to watch.

With many fans expecting the renowned Tekkz to win, there could be a surprise in store...


We can't wait to see all the new features EA has been talking about coming to fruition in the gameplay itself.

FIFA 22 Official Trailer

Check out the official trailer below.

The reveal trailer has fans hyped for the upcoming release, featuring cover star Kylian Mbappe and top talents Trent Alexander-Arnold and Christian Pulisic.

The trailer gives us an idea of how EA will Hypermotion Technology to implement real-life player movements into FIFA 22 gameplay.

Next Gen Gameplay Reveal

We have now had our first look at gameplay on Next Gen consoles for FIFA 22 - with EA showcasing Hypermotion Technology ahead of EA Play Live.


Hypermotion will only feature on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S so unlike last year, expect a very different feel between those platforms and PS4 and Xbox One.

Gameplay Deep Dive

The first deep dive Pitch Notes article for FIFA 22 has been released by EA Sports and it is focused on gameplay.

HERE IT COMES - The FIFA 22 experience is about to go up a notch

You can check out the full pitch notes on EA's website. Careful though, it was down when it first released, but hopefully it'll be back live soon.

Below is the trailer that accompanied the Pitch Notes, so check it out for another look at FIFA 22 gameplay.


We knew Gameplay was going to be the first of EA's series of reveals - and the stream link is now available for the trailer:

Key Features

The last of EA's spotlight showcase events has now been and gone with FIFA 22's official gameplay reveal available to watch now.

With several key new features coming to FIFA 22, EA has shown off some of the new gameplay features ahead of EA Play Live later this week.

Changes to ball physics, goalkeepers and tactics are just the tip of the iceberg in what looks to be the best FIFA ever.

Take a closer look at each of EA's new additions below in their own words.

11 v 11 Match Capture

"Xsens suits enable motion capture from 22 professional footballers playing at high-intensity for the first time. The resulting unprecedented volume of high-quality real-human movement data powers how both individuals and teams move across FIFA 22."

Effectively, FIFA 22 is going to look incredible with the most realistic movement animations ever.


Machine Learning

"A cutting-edge proprietary machine learning algorithm learns from over 8.7 million frames of advanced match capture, then writes new animations in real time to create organic football realism across a variety of interactions on the pitch."

All very 'techy' but it sounds good. Let's hope it looks and feels good eh!

Full Team Authentic Motion

"Xsens suits record every touch, tackle, sprint and duel from all 22 players playing at high intensity for the first time ever, capturing data that powers over 4000 new animations in FIFA 22 to raise the footballing intensity, responsiveness, and physicality of every player in the game."

Back to the Xsens suits again, although this will actually change the way we play the game as teams will work better as a unit rather than individuals.

Tactical A.I. - "Deeper player intelligence driven by the power of next-gen consoles gives each individual the ability to better understand both attacking and defensive formations and movement, creating a new level of tactical realism."


Attack - "The ability to make up to 6x more decisions per second gives attackers more awareness of their surroundings, allows them to make smarter runs in build-up play, and lets them react to loose balls quicker."

Defence - "Rewritten defensive AI gives teams the ability to act as a tactical unit, retaining their shape to move across the pitch and cover vacant space."

ML - Flow

"Learning from more than 8.7 million frames from Advanced 11v11 Match Capture, the ML - Flow machine learning algorithm writes new animations in real-time, enabling players to better adjust their stride and running cadence on approach to the ball to control or strike it more smoothly."

They really want us to know about the 8.7 million frames they are using! This does look like a good addition though as players will approach the ball and adjust their bodies better than ever before.