How does Create a Club work in FIFA 22 Career Mode?

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Career Mode is getting somewhat of an overhaul in FIFA 22, with Create a Club being added as one of the big new features.

But how exactly does Create a Club work in FIFA 22 Career Mode? Well, we've got everything you need to know.


How Does Create a Club Work in FIFA 22 Career Mode?

In short, you get to design a new team from the ground up and then use them to replace an existing team in any of the leagues in the game.

Then, you can start your journey to Champions League glory, or whatever glory you're after.


The Basics

Going into a little more detail, you start by choosing the name for the club you want to make in FIFA 22 Career Mode and then set a nickname for the commentators to refer to you as.

Then, pick the league you want to join (anywhere from the English Premier League to the third German Division) and choose which club you're replacing.

Don't worry, you're not wiping Spurs from history (if you were to choose them), they just become a 'Rest of the World' team.


Now, you can choose a rival club and get to the more minor details of your team.

Create a Club Customisation

Customisation is a big part of Create a Club in FIFA 22. You can design your team's home and away kits, the club badge, and stadium.

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FASHION: Choose your club's colours

Many of the features from FUT, including seat colour, net shape, and net colour, can be changed here too.

Squad Building

Then, you can build your squad. You can choose your desired overall team star rating and then build the base squad or generated players (you don't just get Messi out of nowhere).

Then, you can set the budget for transfers and how strict the board is at your club. Want to become a billion dollar spending super club, you can, or you can fight your way from the bottom. The choice is yours.


Then, it's into the action, with everything you know about FIFA 22 career mode remaining.