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Cheap PS4 Pro Christmas 2020: What to Expect, Predictions, Deals, and more

Christmas 2020 may be a while off, but planning ahead this year could be a great way of getting a PS4 Pro for cheap!

Whether you're holding off on upgrading to next-gen, or have a PS4 and want to level-up - the PS4 Pro is the console for you.

Make sure to bookmark this page as we'll be updating it with all the latest PS4 Pro deals up to Christmas. In the meantime, let's take a look at how you could a PS4 Pro for cheap this year!

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How to get a PS4 Pro for Cheap for Christmas 2020

If you're looking for a PS4 Pro for cheap for Christmas 2020, then a good call is to check out two major pre-Christmas sales in the retail calendar.

Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday are both great chances to get amazing deals on tech, and we've seen some brilliant deals in the past on PS4.

Last year at Amazon Prime Day, we saw the PS4 Pro go for just $299, including both Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man!

horizon zero dawn impact poster ps4 us 07feb17
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PRIM(AL) CANDIDATE: Re-live some of the best games exclusive to PS4 in amazing definition

Usually retailing at $399 / £349, that's an enormous saving, and we're predicting we may see something similar this year also!


Why go for PS4 Pro?

There are a ton of reasons why PS4 Pro is a great choice for Christmas 2020, especially if you're looking to save.

If you compare it against the PS5, sure, the PS4 Pro isn't as powerful, but don't be fooled...the console's specs are still very impressive.

The PS4 Pro can play games in native 4K, meaning that with the right TV, definition and game details really come to life on screen.

ps4 pro screen 02 eu 06sep16
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LEVEL UP: Take your gaming experience to the next-stage with the PS4 Pro


It also has the ability to the play games in higher frame-rates - up to 60 fps. While you may not notice this right off the bat, it's certainly hard to ignore once you do.

Gameplay, especially in high action moments or fast camera movements, is far smoother than at 30 fps.

Titles like The Last of Us Part 2 look phenomenally good on PS4 Pro, as do numerous other games like Ghost of Tsushima.

What about future PS4 game releases?

With PS5 on the horizon, and a ton of next-gen releases set for this year, and next, you'd be forgiven if you thought PS4 options would decrease in the future.

However, with over 100 million PS4's globally, it seems very unlikely that we won't continue to see more awesome games released to be played on PS4 Pro.

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MODERN DAY CLASSICS: Some recent PS4 exclusives have met with huge critical acclaim!


In fact, AAA titles such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla and NBA 2K21 are all AAA-titles confirmed for release on PS4 and PS5! FIFA 21 is even being released for PS4, but then made available for PS5 via free upgrade.

So options for the future are looking good if you decide to go for a PS4 Pro this Christmas 2020!

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