Genshin Impact 3.0 Tier List: Best DPS, Sub-DPS, Support, & Elemental Enabler Characters

As expected Genshin Impact 3.0 and the introduction of the Dendro characters are shaking things up in the meta.

Dendro, the last addition of the seven elements system, has created some new team compositions and brought back some forgotten heroes along the way.

With that, here's our Genshin Impact 3.0 tier list ranking the best DPS, Sub-DPS, Support, and Elemental Enabler characters.

Genshin Impact Tier List: Best Characters in Version 3.0

The following tier lists separate Genshin Impact characters into four grades, where S tiers are the best and C-Tier are the least viable characters currently.

Likewise, the characters will be rated in the role of main DPS, sub-DPS, supports, and enablers. These roles are designated by the Genshin Impact community and guide how many players approach the game.

The list also considers the number of constellations a character requires to shine brightest.

  • Main DPS
    • The primary source of DMG. Most teams are designed around enabling these characters' abilities.
    • Despite having the spotlight, most characters can play this role in Genshin Impact with enough investment.
  • Sub DPS
    • Characters that can provide an additional source of Elemental Damage for your team.
  • Supports
    • These characters offer a utility role in the team, providing buffs, healing, cleansing, shields, and reducing enemies' defenses.
    • In Genshin Impact, this is the most crucial category. Great support can change the way your team performs.
  • Elemental Enablers
    • These types of characters are meant to boost a specific Elemental skill in a team.
    • They are generally from the same element as the DPS or Sub-DPS to create Elemental Resonance.
    • Some teams replaced enablers with second support characters.

Best Main DPS

Dendro reactions have been a big boost for Electro and Hydro characters, however as we like to say, every patch is a Xianling buff and Genshin Impact 3.0 is no exception.

While some characters will remain strong, Geo has been displaced to a secondary role and Cryo characters are not as dominant as before.

Quicken Teams are the best for now considering we have only 2 Dendro supports, Raiden Shogun is very strong as DPS in this patch.

Tighnari is a very good DPS, however, he needs Spread reactions to shine. however, we think this will be the tendency in the near future, characters to focus on one type of reaction.

Best Sub-DPS

Yelan remains the best Sub-DPS, however, Genshin Impact 3.0 is the beginning of the Electro Dominance, and the characters of this element shine the best in this role.

Characters like Fischl, Yae Miko, and Beidou are stealing the show with impressive damage output in teams with Dendro.

  • Tier S
    • Yelan C0, Fischl C6, Yae Miko C0, Beidou C2
  • Tier A
  • Tier B
  • Tier C
    • Amber C6, Traveler Electro C6, Traveler Anemo C6.

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Best Supports

Hard to believe but the Dendro Traveler is the best support in the current meta, for the simple reason is the best support of Dendro Element. All new teams include the Dendro version of Lumine or Aether.

Kazuha and Sucrose are still very powerful supports as Swirl absorbs Dendro Reactions and transformed them into Dendro DMG.

Meanwhile, we have seen many teams with Bennett but is still the best buffer & the Geo Archon despite all the changes remains strong.

Finally, Kokomi and Kuki are becoming the most used supports after the Dendro Traveler.

  • Tier S
    • Dendro Traveler C2, Kokomi C1, Kazuha C0, Sucrose C1
  • Tier A
  • Tier B
    • Mona C0, Yun Jin C2, Jean C0, Sayu C1, Barbara C0.
  • Tier C
    • Qiqi C0

Best Elemental Enablers

The Elemental Enabler role has a smaller representation in Genshin Impact, and so far, we don't have one that synergizes directly with Dendro reactions.

With this in mind there are small changes in the list, including Kujou Sara & Thoma, who are able to use Dendro Seeds in the field while buffing their teams.

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