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Genshin Impact Ganyu Build Guide: Best Weapons, Artifacts, & Team Compositions

Players have waited almost a year to finally see Ganyu as part of a banner in Genshin Impact. With a very cute character design, Ganyu's gentle personality can be deceitful.

Ganyu is a fearsome warrior. For many players, one of the strongest and most solid DPS characters in the game. Here's our build guide to unleashing Ganyu's full potential.

LATEST- Ganyu Banner Details

Adrift in the Harbor, the third banner in Genshin Impact 2.4, is just around the corner.

The banner of the Half Adepti and Half Human is arriving on January 25, 2022 at 6 pm EST and will be available until February 15, 2022. Minutes before the Genshin Impact 2.5 version is introduced.

Adrift in the Harbor will feature Ganyu, a 5-star Bow character, and the following 4-stars:

  • Beidou, a 4-star Electro Claymore user
  • Yanfei, a 4-star Pyro Catalyst User
  • Xingqiu, a 4-star Hydro Sword User

Even though these 4-stars do not have good synergy with Ganyu they are a fine addition for the potential second squad, need it in the Spiral Abyss.

Who is Ganyu?

Ganyu is half-human, half Adeptus, under contract with Geo Archon to bridge the deity world and ordinary life duties. She is the general secretary of the Liyue Qixing.

Best Attributes

  • Ganyu is a 5-star Cryo Bow User, considered the best DPS in the game, with several World Records in Genshin Impact speed-runs.
  • Ganyu Ascencion Bonus Stat is 78.6 Crit. DMG and one of her Passive Talents provide 20% Cryo DMG for all party members.
  • Unlike other Bow users, Ganyu's Charged Shots deal-infused AoE DMG.
  • All her skills are AoE Cryo DMG abilities. Ganyu is capable of making massive DMG even with lost investment.


  • Ganyu is too strong. She can make clearing missions too easy, with a relatively steady long-ranged playstyle.
  • Very Low HP, and her full charge are relatively slow without Constellation 6.

Ganyu Best Weapons

Amos' Bow
Increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 24%. After a Normal or Charged Attack is fired, DMG dealt increases by a further 16% every 0.1 seconds the arrow is in the air for up to 5 times.
Prototype Crescent
Charged Attack hits on weak points increase Movement SPD by 10% and ATK by 72% for 10s.

Amos' Bow

  • Best in Slot bow for Ganyu, provide ATK % stats and reward Charged/Aim shots.
  • Ganyu has high Crit DMG and high Cryo DMG. Therefore, the best weapons for her are those with high ATK.

Prototype Crescent

  • The best F2P option for Ganyu is capable of providing high DMG potential.
  • Prototype Crescent passive significantly boosts Ganyu ATK as long as it hit the enemy's weak point, which is quite inconsistent.

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Set 1
Set 2
Stats Needed
Best in Slot
Wanderer's Troupe
Wanderer's Troupe
Sands: ATK% - Goblet: Cryo DMG Bonus or ATK% - Circlet: Crit. Rate
Blizzard StrayerViridescent Venerer
Blizzard Strayer
Sands: ATK% - Goblet: Cryo DMG Bonus or ATK% - Circlet: Crit. Rate

Ganyu has many options for her artifact built, which allow focusing on the best offensive substats.

Wanderer's Troupe

  • This Artifact Set increased 35% of the DMG of charged attacks of Bow users like Ganyu.
  • Although Elemental Mastery is not required for Ganyu, it will provide more robust Frozen and Melt reactions.

Blizzard Strayer

  • Blizzard Strayer is the artifact ser for Cryo DPS characters. The artifact increases character Crit. Rate 20% and 20% more if characters are frozen.
  • Best Artifact Set for Ganyu in Permafrost Team Compositions.

Noblesse Oblige

  • Combining two pieces of Noblesse Oblige and two pieces of Blizzard Strayer is a good alternative, providing Ganyu with Extra Elemental Burst DMG.

Team Composition

Main DPS
Elemental Reaction

You can build two types of teams around Ganyu as the main DPS. The roster is flexible as long as you follow the correct elemental reaction.

The first option is a Permafrost or Morgana Team.

This team will focus on freezing enemies and pulling them together with an Anemo Elemental Burst so that Ganyu can demolish them with all her arsenal of abilities.

The most famous composition is:

  • Mona provides the Hydro attacks to get enemies frozen. Kokomi and Xinqiue are good as well.
  • Venti or Sucrose elemental burst will gather all enemies together for obliteration. The Anemo Archon is slightly easier to use.
  • Diona will provide healing, shield, Cryo particles, and Cryo Resonance.
    • Ayaka can be used for Cryo Resonance and increase the DMG potential.
    • Shenhe may work pretty well with Ganyu, buffing her ATK even more.

The Second option is a Melt Team.

This team will require a strong Pyro DPS to produce constant melt reactions with Ganyu's attacks.

The most famous composition is:

  • Xianling is great Sub-DPS, with two outfield skills that produce Pyro DMG, and Pyronado is amazing.
  • Bennet will give buff Ganyu DMG, provide healing and extra Melting reactions.
  • Similar to Permafrost compositions, Anemo characters can pull enemies together.
    • Zhong-Li shield and Elemental Resistance Reduction can work well.


The primary source of DMG for Ganyu is her charged attack however, you can not go grown if you level up all her talents, perhaps focusing on her normal attack and Elemental burst first.

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