*UPDATED* Genshin Impact 2.7 Yelan Materials: - Ascension and Talent Items Farming Guide

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Genshin Impact 2.7 is here and along with it, the banner Discerner of Enigmas featuring Yelan the new 5-star hydro character.

Yelan is a very powerful character, with a very well-rounded character design. The mysterious Agent from Liyue is certainly worth our Primogems.

We have prepared a guide will all the materials necessary to level-up Yelan to the max level, increase her talents, and the best pick of weapons and artifacts for her.

Genshin Impact 2.7 Banner Information

Yelan arrived with the first phase of Genshin Impact 2.7 that will be available from May 31, 2022, to June 22, 2022.

The following 4-star characters complete the Discerner of Enigmas banner:

  • Yanfei - 4-star Pyro, Catalyst User
  • Barbara - 4-star Hydro, Catalyst User
  • Noelle - 4-star Geo, Claymore User.

Yelan Farming Guide

A secret agent and a gambler, Yelan works as an investigator for the Ministry of Civil Affairs in Liyue.

Yelan's identity has always been a mystery. She appears in public under various guises and disappears before someone notices her.

Ascension Materials

These are the ascension materials you'll need for Yelan:

Runic Fang, character level up material, dropped by the new boss Ruin Serpent, the boss introduced in the ver. 2.6.

  • The Ruin Serpent is located in the Underground of The Chasm, the borderline area between Liyue and Sumeru.
  • Players need x46 Runic Fangs for Lv. 90 Yelan.
  • The Ruin Serpent drops 2-3 pieces of these materials once it is defeated for a cost of 40 Resin.

Starconch is a local specialty of Liyue, Empty Seashells that players can collect near the shore.

  • Players require 168 Starconch for a Lv. 90 Yelan.
  • There are 71 Starconch in the wild, refreshing every 48hrs.
  • Players can buy extra Starconch with NPC Bolai in Liyue Harbor.

Insignias - Common Ascension dropped by the Fatui Agents: Fatui Skirmishers, Fatui Cicin Mages, and Fatui Pyro Agents.

  • To level up Yelan to Lv. 90 travelers require:
    • 18 Recruit's Insignia
    • 30 Sergeant's Insignia
    • 36 Lieutenant's Insignia

Talent Materials

The Fatui agents are the military force of the Cryo Archon. They are strong, elite enemies that harness all the elements.

To level up Yelan's Talents to the max, players need:

  • 18 Recruit's Insignia
  • 66 Sergeant's Insignia
  • 93 Lieutenant's Insignia

Prosperity Series are talent-level books that players can obtain in the domain Taishan Mansion in Jueyun Karst on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

  • To max Yelan's Talents, players need to collect:
    • 9 Teachings of Prosperity
    • 63 Guide to Prosperity
    • 114 Philosophies of Prosperity

Azhdaha is the oldest of the Geovishaps and was granted the power of sight by Zhongli. Players can find him in the Trounce Domain Beneath the Dragon-Queller.

  • Azhdaha will drop the Gilded Scale when defeated.
    • Yelan needs 18 of these Scales for max Talents.

Additionally, players require Varunada Lazurite, a common crafting material in Genshin Impact for Pyro Characters to level up Yelan to the highest level, and tons of Mora.

Varunada Lazurite is dropped by the following Normal Bosses:

  • Oceanid
  • Hydro Hypostasis
  • Primo Geovishap
  • Stomterror
  • Childe Tartaglia

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Yelan's Best Artifacts and Weapons

Yelan has massive DMG potential, however considering the very efficient outfield hydro application she provides, Yelan shines best as a Sub-DPS.

The Emblem of Severed Fate set, will increase the DMG output of her Elemental Burst and reduce the Cooldown.

However, Yelan doesn't depend on her ATK to increase her DMG, which allows her to be creative with her artifacts. She scaled with HP, but we still want a healthy balance of Crit. DMG & Crit. Rate (Yelan Ascension stats is Crit. Rate).

These are the Artifact's Stats Recommended:

Sands: HP - Goblet: Hydro DMG - Circlet: Crit. Rate or Crit. DMG

Another option is 2 pieces combinations of Heart of the Depth, Tenacity of the Milelith and Noblesse Oblige that will increase Yelan DMG Output.

Best Weapons

The BIS weapon for Yelan is the 5-star bow Aqua Simulacra, which will be released along with the Yelan banner in Genshin Impact 2.7. This bow puts in some serious work with High Crit. DMG as the secondary stat.

Elegy for the End is another interesting 5-star good option. It is an energy recharge bow that will buff the Elemental Mastery and ATK of your entire team.

The best F2P options are the bows Favonius Warbow and Sacrificial Bow, which will provide enough Energy Particles to keep Yelan's Abilities ready to be spammed.

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