Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens: Release date, Guides, Platforms, Price, Gameplay, Corrupted Seeds, Runes, Soundtrack, Pandas, New Missions, and more

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The long-awaited Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens DLC is now out!

Here's everything you need to know and more!

Release Date

The first in Minecraft Dungeons DLC is now officially released!


As usual, we're here to share the latest guides that will help you on your Minecraft Dungeons adventure.

Why not check out our recent guide, which shows you how to unlock the ultimate secret level!

Or better yet, defeat the ultimate boss in the DLC, with our Jungle Abomination Boss Guide.

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Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens will be playable on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


The DLC is included with the Hero Pass, which comes to around £8 (approx $10).

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NEW THREADS! The DLC will come with new weapons and armour!

What's included?

Here's where it gets interesting! Let's take a look at everything you'll get to experience in Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens.

New scenery

As the name suggests, this adventure will be taking place in the jungle! You'll be surrounded by lush shrubbery and vines, without the insane humidity!

New weapons, armor, and artifacts

You may have already explored what some of the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons are, but it could be time to update your list!

New weapons are incoming, in addition to some awesome new armour too.

While they haven't been fully revealed yet, we assume they'll be jungle themed!

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Yes, these fury, docile animals will be featuring in the Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens.

We wonder how players will be able to interact with these unique creatures!

But is that important when they look this cool?

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JUST MINDING MY BUSINESS: Pandas are usually pretty 'chill'

New Missions

There will be three new missions in the DLC for adventurers to get stuck into.

With the original Minecraft Dungeons, your main mission was to defeat the evil Arch-Illager, which you may have done with the help of one of our trusty boss-battle guides!

This time around, you'll go up against the Jungle Abomination! Check back in with us on how to defeat it!

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New enemies

Hold your nerve as you fight off new foes such as the Leapleaf and Whisperer!

These new enemies are bound to be challenging in new and unique ways, so make sure you're prepared!

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Corrupted Seeds

These new additions to the game were featured in some of the gameplay footage on the official Minecraft Dungeons Twitter account.

Now it doesn't go into huge detail with damage output and so on, but it does say that you can 'harness the power of the vines to entangle all those who stand in your way!'

Sounds exciting, and with some of the visual to go along with it - pretty cool looking too.

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AWAKEN THE PAIN! The new DLC boasts some impressive new items to use in battle!

Will there be Runes?

We don't know yet if there will be runes within the DLC, however, it would be likely that there were.

If this is the case, we could see players able to unlock a special stage for collecting all of them, but we'll have to wait and see!

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Last but not least, while you wait for the release Mojang have released an official Dungeons soundtrack for the game. You can play this Apple Music or Spotify!

For everything Minecraft Dungeons, from Rune guides, Boss guides, or even the best tips and tricks for beginners - be sure to check back in with us.

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