Minecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods Rune: Location, Guide, and more!

With so much to discover, let's take a look at where you can find the Creeper Woods Rune in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods Rune

So you want to uncover the secrets of Minecraft Dungeons eh? You've no doubt heard by now that there are a total of nine Runes to collect.

When all runes are yours you'll unlock the ultimate secret. Safe to say, we won't be spoiling the surprise, but we will tell you that you need to beat the game first in order to get the runes.

You can do this on any difficulty - so if you fancy going all terminator on the hordes, go for it!

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There's been a huge influx of fan-made guides on Minecraft Dungeons, and the following screens are from Youtuber MonkeyKingHero. Keep reading for our breakdown of the guide!

Rune location

Firstly get to this location, soldier. Once you're there, start heading West.

You'll pass a campsite, and come to a fence. Look for the gap in the fence, and head through.

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YOUR RUNE IS MINE! Enter this area to uncover the secret! Credit - MonkeyKingHero

Once you're through the gap, keep-on-going West. You'll come across a suspiciously enticing structure.

Once there, head to the spot pictured and push the button hidden in the cobbled rocks.

The very ground itself will open up before your eyes!

Minecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods Runes
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COBBLE TOGETHER YOUR WITS, ADVENTURER! Hit the button and descend into the mystery area. Credit - MonkeyKingHero

You may think that heading down to the unknown depths of this opening is dangerous?

Breath easy, it's safe. Simply follow the path and you'll get to another structure.

Click the button in front of you and you'll be rewarded with the Creeper Woods rune!

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RUNE TIME! You did well, now revel in your victory! Credit - MonkeyKingHero

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