Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Golem: How to beat it, boss battle, redstone mines, tactics, weapons & more

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Minecraft Dungeons is here and it's a hit.

The couch co-op dungeon crawler puts a new spin on the Minecraft world and pits you against some unique and infuriating bosses!

One of those bosses is the Redstone Golem, found at the Redstone Mines level.

Redstone Golem

Summoned at the end of Redstone Mines, the Redstone Golem is a brute to battle.

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So, how can you beat it?


The Redstone Golem will mess you up if you get close.

Even if you don't play as an archer class, it's best to keep your distance and pepper the Golem with arrows at every opportunity.

If you have an artifact like Flaming Quiver then all the better.

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BIG BEAST: The Redstone Golem is punishing at close range

If you're in a party with other players you should spread out and attack from every angle.

While this will prevent you from reviving one another when downed, it means a constant rate of fire on the Golem even if he chases one player that then has to flee.

Environmental dangers

It's worth paying attention to the lava pools around the boss fight room. They are waiting to deal serious damage should you stumble into them and will be a quick way to lose this boss fight.

Elite Power Bow Minecraft Dungeons
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YOU HAVE MY BOW: An elite bow is your best friend against the Redston Golem

The Redstone Golem also summons small area of effect blocks that you will need to avoid.

Easier than he looks

Overall the Redstone Golem, despite its looks, is one of the easier bosses to beat.


This is thanks to the lack of other mobs to distract and damage you, along with his overall lack of ranged attack.

If you try to go toe-to-toe with him then you'll be beaten quickly, but keeping your distance, using your artifacts wisely, and dodging that lava should see you to an easy victory.

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