Minecraft Dungeons Nintendo Switch Release Date: What time is it out? Switch launch date, pre-order, crossplay & more

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Minecraft Dungeons is on its way, and it is set to be like no Minecraft adventure you have ever seen.

It's safe to say that Minecraft is one of the most well-known games around the world.

Now though, Minecraft Dungeons will take you in a whole new direction. Forget about building a house and cultivating a farm, it's time to save the world!

This dungeon crawler game will see you and your friends pick your way through an epic combat-driven quest. But when can Nintendo Switch players get their hands on it?

Minecraft Dungeons Nintendo Switch release date

When Does Minecraft Dungeons Release
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GOIN' QUESTIN': Grab your sword and save the world!

Nintendo Switch players can get their hands on Minecraft Dungeons on 26 May, 2020.

While the exact hour and minute of release have not been announced for Switch don't worry, it will be released on 26 May 2020 as planned!

Nintendo Switch pre-order

minecraft dungeons pre order
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COMBAT HEAVY: There's not mining or crafting in this one!

Nintendo Switch players are unable to pre-order Minecraft Dungeons.

Amazon, GAME, and most good retailers will be selling Switch versions of the game, but they are not taking pre-orders. However, as the game is sold via digital download code you should be able to get it on release day even without the shops being open!

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When released, the game will be just £14.99 ($19.99) which is a bargain. Unfortunately, there is an extra version Nintendo Switch players can't get…

Hero Edition

key golem minecraft dungeons
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*YAWN*: This sleepy guy will be the key to your success

Nintendo Switch players will not get access to the Hero Edition. This extra version of the game gets you a few nice freebies:

  • Hero Cape
  • Two player skins
  • Chicken pet
  • Two DLC packs (coming soon)

The addition of those DLC packs will be good, and who
doesn't want a chicken companion!

This is currently only available to Xbox and PC players and will cost £24.99 ($29.99).

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The DLC packs will be available to all when they come out, and you know Minecraft will make those skins available too for a price, so even though you can't get the Hero Edition it's likely you will still have access to the content at some point.

Will Minecraft Dungeons have crossplay?

arch illager minecraft dungeons
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BIG BOSS: You'll need a squad to take down the Arch-Illager

While Minecraft itself does have crossplay for all platforms, Minecraft Dungeons will not launch with it for Nintendo Switch players.

It is expected to be added at some point, but for now Switch players will only be able to adventure with each other.

Given that all the consoles were finally able to hook up in the base game, we expect crossplay to enter Minecraft Dungeons sooner rather than later, but it will definitely be post-launch.

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