Minecraft Dungeons Max Level: What is it? Gear, Guide, Reddit and more

If you want to know just how powerful you can become, look no further! Here's everything we know about how to achieve the max level in Minecraft Dungeons.

What is the max level in Minecraft Dungeons?

There is no official set 'max level' in Minecraft Dungeons. The game is 'uncapped', meaning you can keep leveling up as much as you want.

Take into mind, however, that it will take longer and longer to level up as your progress. So if you're down to grind, you'll want to keep reading!

While there's no max level, you can get to an incredibly high power level.

minecraft dungeons max level
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BOSS MUSIC BEGINS: Become the ultimate powerhouse!

Reportedly, the highest power level is 108!

If you were to beat the toughest boss on the toughest difficulty (perhaps with the help of our boss guides) you could gain some gear at item level 107.

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So how do you get to 108? Well, first thing you'll want to do is go and visit your friendly blacksmith.

Once you're there, you'll have to throw down a staggering amount of Emeralds to upgrade your gear.

Then again, as we mentioned in our guide to leveling up fast, we recommend you spend away!


One Reddit user Versailliez shared a post showing their 108 level in all its glory!

Minecraft Dungeons Max Level
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MAXING OUT: The post showed a seriously impressive build

When asked by other users for tips, they mention that you just 'have to play a lot'.

With Minecraft Dungeons accessible way to earning experience and leveling up, this Reddit user is on the money with that advice!

For everything Minecraft Dungeons, from secrets and rune locations to boss guides, or even all the latest news on upcoming DLCs, be sure to check back in with us.

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