Minecraft Dungeons Arch-Illager and Heart of Ender: How to beat them, secret boss fight, Obsidian Pinnacle, tactics, weapons & more

Minecraft Dungeons throws many challenges at players before they make it to Obsidian Pinnacle. But once you've survived the gauntlet this long, you're down to the very last boss fight in the game.

That means fighting the Arch-Illager, and his ally, the Heart of Ender.

This fight is quite difficult and really tests players to be reactive, quick, and well geared.

Let's go over how to beat the Arch Illager and Heart of Ender in Obsidian Pinnacle.

Obsidian Pinnacle

Obsidian Pinnacle ramps up the difficulty in Minecraft Dungeons with plenty of mobs and dangers around every corner (and around every launch pad).

That means even getting to the Arch Illager and Heart of Ender boss fight will require some skills and good enough gear to survive the trek.

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Weapons that can knock mobs back are especially powerful on this map that's filled with precarious edges to fall from. Be mindful of these dangerous spots yourself, and make sure to use launch pads in coordination with your party as to not get caught alone.

How to beat the Arch-Illager

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BAIT AND SWITCH: Not so intimidating, right? But the Arch-Illager is only phase one

While the Arch-Illager and Heart of Ender bosses are connected into one fight, they represent two phases.

The Arch-Illager is surprisingly simple to defeat in phase one. This is likely a way to disarm players before they meet the real threat, the Heart of Ender.

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The Arch-Illager phase involves simply attacking the Arch-Illager who will teleport around slowly. He will also spawn a wave of easy to kill mobs. Once you've sufficiently damaged the Arch-Illager, the real boss fight begins with phase 2, the Heart of Ender.

How to beat the Heart of Ender

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WATCH YOUR STEP: The Heart of Ender in Phase 2 is the real final boss fight of Minecraft Dungeons

Phase two of the final boss in Obsidian Pinnacle brings out the Heart of Ender, an extremely powerful boss.

The Heart of Ender has several different game-changing mechanics that can wipe your party.

The Heart of Ender first shoots lazers that deal massive damage in a line. Afterward the Heart of Ender will rise out of the ground, spinning four massive lazers around. The Heart of Ender will then also occasionally chuck out grenades in a cone in front of it that deal massive damage.

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Avoiding these mechanics is absolutely essential to defeating the Heart of Ender. That means artifacts like Light Feather are especially strong in this fight.

Keep in mind that the Heart of Ender fight is almost entirely based around its abilities, and does little damage otherwise. That means if you can master the boss mechanics and dodge effectively, you can win in-between the barrages.

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