Minecraft Dungeons Nameless One: Boss fight, how to beat it, The Nameless Kingdom, Necromancer's Tomb, Desert Temple, tactics, weapons & more

The Nameless Kingdom in the Desert Temple are some of the most immersive and formidable foes in Minecraft Dungeons.

Skeletons, zombies and worse make up this group that fight for The Nameless One. You'll encounter these enemies on your quest to find the Necromancer's Tomb.

Once you reach the end of the desert temple you'll have to fight The Nameless One himself. For that you'll need to be well prepared with the right weapons, tactics, and gear.

Here's what you'll need to defeat the Nameless One boss fight.

How to navigate the Desert Temple

Minecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Nameless One Necromaners Tomb
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The Desert Temple is a large area in Minecraft Dungeons that brings the player deep underground to fight hordes of undead. If that wasn't scary enough, you'll soon realize navigating it is an even bigger nightmare.

In the temple there are traps that smash together blocking important passageways. There's also a system of pressure plates to control the doors between each room.

To accomplish your first quest, you'll have to search the desert temple for the Gold Key, then find the Necromancer's Tomb to open it.

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Along the way you'll have to survive a horde attack that also includes spiders.

Once you've cleared your way through to the Necromancer's Tomb, it's time to fight The Nameless One.

Beating The Nameless One

Minecraft Dungeons The Nameless One Desert Temple Necromancers Tomb
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BEWARE- The Nameless One has many tricks to wipe out players

The Nameless One presents a challenging boss fight that will take patience and strategy to survive. After you awaken The Nameless One, you'll have to fight several waves of mobs protecting him.

Throughout the fight The Nameless One will cast AOE damage spells and teleport around the room to avoid players. This makes for an especially annoying challenge for melee builds. He will also launch linear magic missiles that deal heavy damage and travel through friendly mobs.

If your build is bad at getting through waves of around 5 mobs at a time, you'll have a hard time getting damage on The Nameless One.

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The Nameless One's protectors will form a wall between the player and the boss, so you'll need to either be agile to get around them, or strong enough to burst through them.

If you don't put enough pressure on The Nameless One, he has the ability to clone himself to deal even more lethal damage.

Once you finally run down The Nameless One and finish him off, you will have to escape the Desert Temple through the remaining forces of the Nameless Kingdom.

The best weapons to beat The Nameless One

Like most bosses in Minecraft Dungeons, The Nameless One will be immeasurably easier as a ranged or magic-focused build. This is because of how often the boss teleports, his high amounts of AOE damage, and how many mobs he spawns to protect himself.

By bringing along a trusty bow or crossbow ever melee-focused builds may do better in this encounter.

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Regardless of what you bring, you'll need to be able to dispatch medium sized groups of mobs regularly. That means daggers (that don't have Poison Cloud) are probably the weakest weapons to bring.

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