Minecraft Dungeons: Essential Tips & Tricks For Beginners - Map, Weapons, Salvage, Boss Guide, Emeralds, Enchantment Points, Gear & more

Minecraft is one of the most successful game franchises the world has ever seen, and it has come a long way since it first released on PC in 2011.

The latest addition to the series, Minecraft Dungeons, plays like any other isometric hack and slash game, just filled with Minecraft's iconic clunky aesthetic.

For those new to the genre, it plays a lot like Diablo, but it’s got enough unique features to keep the older community interested.

Continue below as we share our best tips for gamers that are new to Dungeons.

Splash That Cash

Besides armour and weapons, you’ll also be picking up emeralds as loot in every level.

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IGNORE YOUR INSTINCTS: Use those emeralds before its too late!

These act as currency in Minecraft Dungeons, so you'll be able to spend them at the two vendors in your camp.

There's a blacksmith that arrives after you complete the Creeper Woods level who will give you gear for emeralds.

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There is also a wandering trader that shows after completing the Pumpkin Patch who will provide artefacts (boost items) for your emeralds.

Now, while your instincts might be screaming "SAVE YOUR EMERALDS", we would actually recommend the opposite.

There’s nothing else for you to spend your emeralds on in the beta, so avoid your temptation to horde.

Replay Levels For Better Gear

While the layout of every level remains the same, many of the chest locations, enemies and their loot drops will change every time you play.

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ZAP: Avoid getting struck down with a devastating lightning strike

Most of you haven't considered this, but replaying levels and tackling tougher enemies will earn you much better gear.

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The level of the potential gear is tied to the difficulty of every level, and you can see the range of difficulty on the mission select screen.

Salvage Old Gear For Emeralds & Enchantment Points

Gear that you’ve got no use for can’t be sold, but it can be salvaged from your inventory!

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INVENTORY: This is where all of your gear is stored.

This little gem of a feature turns anything you’ve picked up into emeralds - which you can then exchange for new gear.

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Furthermore, when you salvage a piece of enchanted gear, you’ll some emeralds back as well as all of the Enchantment Points.

Using The Right Weapon For The Job

You’ll need to use everything at your disposal to take out enemies, since there are no classes available in Dungeons.

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ENEMIES NEARBY: Grab your sword and fend for yourself!

However, you have melee weapons and ranged bows on you at all times, and to succeed against enemies, you'll need to switch between both constantly.

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Use your melee weapon for enemies that get too close, and save your arrows for the pesky ranged attackers.

Understand your enemy

You'll encounter a number of deadly foes in Minecraft Dungeons, including some challenging bosses at the start of the game.

One such boss is called the Evoker, and it's a good chance for you to get to grips with some tougher parts of combat.

Bosses will rarely be one on one and the risk of getting swarmed by enemies is high. Pay close attention to their attacks and also make sure to do some crowd management for the best chances of survival!

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Pay Attention To Your Map

Minecraft Dungeons is all about exploration, so you'll need to explore every corner of the map to find all of the loot.

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MASSIVE: A Minecraft dev has already confirmed the sheer enormity of the map

Press down on the D-pad to get an outline of the map up so that you can see where you’re going at all times, and explore any detours.

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Other than that, our advice is to get exploring!

It will take endless hours to explore every corner of the map, but since most of the gaming population around the world is under strict orders to stay inside, this shouldn't be an issue.

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