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The Genshin Impact Version 4.5 is knocking at the gates. In Phase 1 of this update, you’ll be able to call upon Chiori or Arataki Itto, so the big question arises: Should you pull for Chiori or Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact Version 4.5?

We will try to answer that question in the following guide. We will highlight each character’s strengths and weaknesses and give the verdict in the end.

Chiori and Arataki Itto will be available during Phase 1 of Version 4.5 from 13 March 2024 to 2 April 2024.

Should you pull for Chiori?

Chiori, a swift and agile combatant, swiftly maneuvers across the battlefield wielding her blades and calling upon an automaton for aid. She will get her debut in Genshin Impact Version 4.5.

As a damage dealer, her offensive prowess is influenced by both her Attack and Defense attributes. It will grant her versatility in locating artefact pieces and assembling a team.

She thrives in the company of other Geo units capable of summoning constructs. Chiori possesses a unique ability to swap characters, amplifying the impact of her own summoning abilities.

When Chiori is paired with a reliable construct character such as Zhongli, her off-field damage output will essentially double due to the presence of two Tamoto spawns.

Unlike many off-field DPS characters that heavily depend on Elemental Reactions for their damage output, Chiori's damage is concentrated up front. She does not need to rely on Crystallize, which makes her a direct and efficient damage dealer.

A good option for beginners

Chiori is an ideal choice for beginners or players who prefer a less demanding character-building process due to her relatively simple unit construction. With her ability to utilize both ATK and DEF for damage, she can easily take advantage of two of the most commonly used stats in the game.

Chiori in Genshin Impact 4.5
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This makes artefact farming a much smoother experience compared to more specialized units. Additionally, her versatility allows her to benefit from a wider range of artefact set bonuses, further enhancing her usability and potential.

Despite the challenges posed by the Geo element, Chiori stands out as one of the most effective and user-friendly units within it.

Just another sub-DPS

Chiori's inclusion in your roster and her path to success face a significant obstacle: she is categorized as a sub-DPS, off-field Geo unit. This characteristic brings to mind a familiar figure, Albedo, who has been somewhat overlooked by many. Interestingly, Albedo and Chiori share almost identical roles.

Chiori in Genshin Impact 4.5
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However, Chiori's playstyle is less reliant on specific terrain conditions compared to Albedo, whose flower can be easily disrupted by even the smallest pebble. Despite these slight differences, their gameplay styles remain quite similar, particularly in the realm of Geo abilities.

Moreover, although Chiori has the ability to function effectively in teams that do not solely consist of Geo characters, such as in a Navia Crystallize lineup where Chiori's performance will truly shine, her primary role lies within solo Geo compositions.

This is primarily due to her exceptional synergy with Geo Constructs. It is highly likely that individuals who are interested in playing mono-Geo teams already possess all the necessary characters to support that particular play style.

Consequently, convincing players to include Chiori in their teams may prove to be more challenging as she essentially offers a similar experience to Albedo. While some players may appreciate the variation in gameplay, those who were anticipating a more significant enhancement to the Geo playstyle may find themselves disappointed.

Should you pull for Arataki Itto?

Arataki Itto is a 5-star claymore-wielding Geo character known for his ability to deal significant Geo damage while his Elemental Burst is active. He is particularly effective as a main DPS character, a role that has not been commonly associated with Geo characters, with the exception of Noelle.

Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact 4.5
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Arataki Itto

Interestingly, Itto's skill set closely resembles that of Noelle, as both characters use claymores and have skills that boost ATK based on Defense. However, Itto does not face the same issues as Noelle, such as energy management and damage scaling.

Additionally, he synergizes well with other Geo support characters like Gorou and Albedo, making the Mono Geo composition more viable in the current meta.

A very strong character

Itto excels in dealing strong Geo damage, showcasing high damage bursts in each rotation thanks to his impressive multipliers. His kit offers a balance of simplicity and depth, making it easy to pick up while allowing room for mastering combos.

Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact 4.5
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Arataki Itto

Mastering Itto's gameplay will help you learn how to navigate tight time constraints effectively. Geo characters, like Physical carries, can be utilized in a wide range of scenarios due to the limited number of enemies immune to Geo.

There are cost-effective weapon options available for Itto, with three of the top 5 weapons accessible through the Battle Pass or as free rewards. His Burst mode boasts surprisingly good AOE capabilities and a diverse range of attacks.

Itto can perform well even without unlocking his constellations. Geo MC serves as a budget-friendly battery support for Itto, a character that every player possesses.

With high interruption resistance, Itto's Burst mode ensures the protection of your DPS window. And let's not forget, Itto even beatboxes for you on your birthday.


Arataki Itto requires a significant resin investment to reach a competitive level; he must be levelled up to 90 and all of his talents should be upgraded. He heavily relies on his Burst ability; energy requirements must be met.

Strict team compositions limit Itto's adaptability and hinder your ability to address team vulnerabilities. Itto teams typically face challenges when breaking elemental shields and cannot capitalize on elemental reactions.


Our favourite is Arataki Itto as he seems to be the more powerful of the two characters. However, if you’re a newbie and just started playing Genshin Impact, then Chiori could be your choice. In any case, it’s your personal preference and the decision should depend on your playstyle.

Please keep in mind that Clorinde and Sigewinne are confirmed to be future characters in Genshin Impact, so you may want to wait before making your decision.

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