Genshin Impact 3.2 Tier List: Best DPS, Sub-DPS, Support, & Elemental Enabler Characters

Genshin Impact 3.2 marks the arrival of Nahida, the Dendro Archon, and she's already made her presence felt as a character by reshaping the meta around her.

With that, our Genshin Impact 3.2 tier list is ranking the best DPS, Sub-DPS, Support, and Elemental Enabler characters in the game today.

Genshin Impact Tier List: Best Characters in Version 3.2

The following tier lists separate Genshin Impact characters into four grades, where S tiers are the best and C-Tier are the least viable characters currently. The characters will then be rated as the game's roles - main DPS, sub-DPS, supports, and enablers.

This list will also consider the number of constellations a character needs in order to be at full strength.

  • Main DPS
    • This role is the primary source of DMG. Most teams are designed around enabling these characters' abilities.
    • Despite having the spotlight, most characters can play this role in Genshin Impact with enough investment.
  • Sub DPS
    • This role provides an additional source of Elemental Damage for your team.
  • Supports
    • This role offers utility to the team, providing buffs, healing, cleansing, shields, and reducing enemies' defenses.
    • In Genshin Impact, this is the most crucial category, as great support can change the way your team performs.
  • Elemental Enablers
    • These types of characters are meant to boost a specific Elemental skill in a team.
    • They are generally from the same element as the DPS or Sub-DPS to create Elemental Resonance.
    • Some teams replaced enablers with second support characters.

Best Main DPS

With the inclusion of the Dendro Reactions, Cryo characters lost their dominance as the strongest characters in the game. However, Nahida has brought back some familiar faces to the top.

But the biggest news is that Yae Miko reaches her full potential along with the Dendro Archon, and Xiangling once more increases her power as the main DPS.

Best Sub-DPS

The creation of Dendro Seeds by the interaction between Dendro & Hydro has positioned the characters of the Water Element as the most crucial sub-DPS.

But, perhaps the most important note is Barbara, whose role was for a long time as a simple healer, is currently a very interesting F2P in teams of Dendro Reactions.

It is pertinent to mention that Electro Characters can also fulfill the Sub-DPS position and let the Hydro as Support.

  • Tier S
  • Tier A
    • Beidou C2, Barbara C6, Venti C0, Lisa C2
  • Tier B
  • Tier C
    • Amber C6, Traveler Electro C6, Traveler Anemo C6.

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Best Supports

Finally is time to talk about Nahida. The character is so versatile that it could be in other categories and come out at the top.

However, we have decided to include it as a Support cause in the position, which is unnecessary to invest many resources to see how strong your teams become with her.

In the notable mentions, we have Kokomi, who is now viable as Sup-DPS, but Kokomi can add to the team's DMG even as a Support.

Kazuha and Sucrose are still excellent supports as Swirl absorbs Dendro Reactions and transforms them into Dendro DMG.

  • Tier S
    • Nahida C0,Kokomi C1, Kazuha C0, Sucrose C1
  • Tier A
    • Dendro Traveler C2, Zhongli C0, Bennet C1, Kuki Shinobu C0
  • Tier B
    • Collei C0, Diona C6, Mona C0, Yun Jin C2, Jean C0, Candace C2, Sayu C1, Barbara C0.
  • Tier C
    • Qiqi C0

Best Elemental Enablers

Genshin Impact has slowed down in this category after a series of characters specialized in enhancing one element.

Now, the game focuses on releasing new characters who are specialists in a specific type of reaction, like Tighnari with Spread and Nilou with Hyperbloom.

Therefore there are no significant changes in the Elemental Enabler category.

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