Genshin Impact 3.2: Release Date, Characters, Leaks, Banners, Predictions, & Latest News

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We're fast approaching the Genshin Impact 3.2 release date, which will land after the game's second-anniversary patch to keep the momentum rolling.

Genshin Impact 3.2 will be packed with exciting stories, and the reveal of Nahida, the Dendro Archon, who will likely clash with the Fatui Harbingers and more.

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Here's everything we know about Genshin Impact 3.2, from its scheduled release date to the latest leaks.

Genshin Impact 3.2 Release Date

According to the recently released schedule, Genshin Impact 3.2 will go live on November 2, 2022, and will run until December 7, 2022.

New Genshin Impact Update's Schedule for 2022
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New Genshin Impact Update's Schedule for 2022

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Genshin Impact 3.2 Banners

Hoyoverse has confirmed that Nahida and Layla are the two new characters debuting on Genshin Impact 3.2.

Nahida is the Dendro Archon and Layla is a Student from the Akademiya in Sumeru.

First Phase Character Banners

According to recent leaks, we are getting 4 banners for the upcoming update.

The first half of the patch will feature Nahida a 5-star Dendro Catalyst character and the rerun of Yoimiya the 5-star Pyro Bow character from Inazuma.

Layla the latest 4-star character reportedly will be part of these two banners.

New Characters in Genshin Impact
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The two new characters coming to Genshin Impact 3.2. From left to right: Nahida & Layla

First Phase Weapon Banner

The first weapon banner will feature the new 5-star catalyst, A Thousand Floating Dreams. Nahida's Signature Weapon is a catalyst that looks like a genie lamp, with green and white decorations.

 Genshin Impact's Signature Weapon for Nahida
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Credit: GI FRONT
A THOUSAND FLOATING DREAMS: Genshin Impact's Signature Weapon for Nahida

The 5-star bow, Thundering Pulse will be the second 5-star weapon feature in the upcoming update.

Second Phase Banners

For the second half of Genshin Impact 3.2, we will have no debuts, instead the reruns of Yae Miko and Childe Tartaglia.

  • Everbloom Violet is the rerun banner of the Grand Sakura Shrine Priestess, Yae Miko a 5-star Electro Catalyst Character.
  • Farewell of Snezhnaya will be the third rerun of Genshin Impact 3.2 featuring the Fatui Harbinger Tartaglia, the 5-star Hydro Bow Character.

Second Phase Weapon Banner

If the reports of reruns for the second phase are true, the second weapon banner will feature the 5-star bow Polar Star & the 5-star Catalyst Kagura's Verity, both very strong weapons.

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Genshin Impact 3.2: Sumeru Map

Based on the developer's words, we know Genshin Impact 3.2 will reveal a new region of Sumeru. However, in the lack of official details, there is no consensus if we will explore an extension of the desert (explored in 3.1) or get deep into caves closer to the Abyss.


New Enemies

Genshin Impact 3.2 leaks point to two new bosses coming to the game, the Dendro Hypostasis and Scaramouche, after an upcoming conflict with the Traveler.

Dendro Hypostasis

  • We don't know much about the powers of the Dendro Hypostasis, the last of the seven Elemental Cubes.
    • Leaks claim the difficulty will be similar to the Hydro Cube in Watatsumi Island.
Dendro Hypostasis: World boss in Genshin Impact 3.2
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The last of the Hypostasis will be introduce during Genshin Impact 3.2


Scaramouche Boss in Genshin Impact 3.2
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It seems Scaramouche is getting his own Mecha in Genshin Impact 3.2

Genshin Impact 3.2 Events

Version 3.2 will be the debut of Nahida, the Dendro Archon. Therefore we can expect an exciting Archon Arc Chapter, especially with the Fatui in the Dendro Nation.

We will have a hangout event for the new 4-star character Layla, but we don't have confirmation yet.

Nahida in Genshin Impact 3.2
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Poster of Nahida Genshin Impact 3.2

Main Event: Fabulous Fungus Frenzy

Genshin Impact 3.2 is introducing a new event in which travelers will experience being Pokemon Masters in Teyvat, but instead of Pokemon, travelers will capture and bring to battle Mushrooms.

  • Players will capture and train various fungi either to attack Camp Mobs or defend Monoliths.
  • The event will have the participation of Yae Miko, Layla, and Dori.
  • Dori the 4-star Electro Character is the main reward for this event.
  • There is also a special name card for this event which features, battle mushrooms.
Genshin Impact 3.2 main event
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Credit: GI Front
Genshin Impact 3.2 Main Event Name Card: Fabulous Fungus Frenzy
  • Coop dungeons
    • New Combat Challenge that will feature Trial Characters. Details about the mechanics of this event are not revealed yet.
  • Peculiar Wonderland
    • In this event, travelers will enter a domain to be part of different mini-games to collect tokens that can be exchanged for rewards.
    • For the return of Peculiar Wonderland, Genshin Impact will add new mini-games inspired by Sumeru, like Fungi Baseball.
  • Hypostatic Symphony Rerun
  • A Spiral Abyss Type domain in which players will battle pure forms of the Hypostasis, the element cube that is world bosses.
  • With the introduction of the Dendro Hyspotasis in Genshin Impact 3.2, the roster of the seven elemental Hypostasis is complete.
Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens is back in Genshin Impact 3.2
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Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens is back in Genshin Impact 3.2, which new places we will visit this time.
  • Outside the Canvas Inside the Lens Rerun
    • Rerun of a laid-back event, in which travelers visit the different nations of Teyvat to take camera shots of essential landmarks.
    • During the first edition of this event, we helped Asagiri, an Inazuma Artist, to find inspiration for future Illustrations.
  • New Serenitea Pot Realm
    • Travelers will receive a new Layout for their Serenitea Pot to recreate the Rain Forest in Sumeru in their Realm.

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